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Lotta good advice in the previous posts. I wear fedoras on a daily basis. I have a couple of homburgs from Biltmore that seem reasonably nice (although obviously not as nice as counterparts costing twice as much). I hardly ever wear them though. At least in my part of the country (Southern California) they seem almost as out of place and "dress costumey" as a derby or even a topper. (And, mind you, I'm going to turn 63 in a few weeks, so I don't need to worry about the homburg as an "old guy" hat, now being an old guy.) I would use as a touchstone whether you see any number of other men in homburgs. If so, then go for it. I actually think the homburg (when worn with a dark suit, etc.) is actually much more flattering to my face than most fedoras, but the reality is that in much of America you will be conspicuously weird wearing one (except perhaps in a semi-formal setting). Most people that see you will probably think it's a derby, BTW. A few other thoughts: I would strongly second Son of Brummell's advice about actually trying the hat on in a mirror before buying. How hat looks on you is a delicate business--a little "off" and you can look like a real doofus in it. Finally, don't ever buy ANY hat made of wool felt.
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Best advice on hats:  Never order them.  Try them on and buy them in person.  That goes for whatever quality.  Hats have so many curves and lines, such specific coloration, that you just have to try on several in a store, in front of a full-length mirror, with appropriate footwear, to gauge whether they're right for you. Having said that, surely the bookends are most important.  As the ladies say, it's the shoes and hair, everything else is in between.  In this case, the shoes and hat. Personally, I wear a hat only when it's cold.  As do most members here.  Not for style only. I think in most American areas, softer, floppier trilby/fedora style hats are best, in blended earth tones.  Anything that smacks of perfectionism, or that is worn straight and narrow, will look terrible.  Always wear it tipped to one side, and with the front turned a bit to one side.  I'd say the art of hat-wearing is a bit more important than the selection itself.
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I currently wear a bowler (some call it derby?) frequently - a few times a week at least. I get a lot of compliments on it. An older Italian woman once told me it was nice to see a gentleman in a country full of slobs. Heh heh. One thing is for sure, I will never wear a baseball cap. I hate those things.
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An interesting thread I'll revive as I am looking into a hat. Probably a fedora a la Bogart.

I have tried them on before and felt they looked silly on at 42, the last time I tried a very very cheap fedora on at Burlington Coat Factory, it actually looked good. This kinda makes sense, as the last few years I realized I no longer look good (dignified?) in baseball hats (unless I am just going jogging or cleaning out the basement, etc) or paper boy caps, etc.

I also am looking to wear one for the protection from sun - not so much because I am going steadily bald, but because while a baseball cap will protect your head and eyes, it does nothing for your ears and neck - a full brim hat can help there. (not to mention look better with a suit.

Anachronistic issues aside, is there one best color for a first hat?

I am thinking charcoal gray, as I wear a lot of charcoal and navy suits. I also have brown and tan suits, however, and lighter steel bluish colors.....would charcoal be ok?

Also, I have read at the Fedora Longue that Biltmore hats are better quality than Borsalino....actually those folks like the vintage stuff best, but I am only interested in a new hat. Any tips on brand quality? I used to own a few cowboy hats (don't ask) and my best one - a 10x beaver charlie One horse rodeo hat - was amazing in comparison to a stetson or other hat under $100...
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As I have no clue what you look like or the shape of your head/face, I say if you think you can rock it, do it. But as Paul44 advises, if you haven't tried this hat on, it may behoove you to actually try it on to see if it works.
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Originally Posted by pgoat
Any tips on brand quality?

There is no hatter better than Optimo.
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