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Recs for spring outerwear

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Hi, How's everyone's shopping for spring going along? I am considering a few options for spring, and would like to get your opinion/additional suggestions.... Banana Republic - Modern Field Coat (image not allowed) Polo Ralph Lauren - Chino Bayport Windbreaker Brooks Brothers - Walking Coat JCrew - Broken-In Chino Blazer Other good options?
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Wow, spring must be in the air to have two simultaneous discussions on the same topic. Anyways, of the choices you've presented, I like the BB coat. I think it would the most versatile, and would be the most waterproof for the Spring showers. I have a jacket something similar to the one in this ebay auction (though I paid a lot less). It's good if the weather's not too cool, and is fairly water resistent for cotton.
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Gregory, If I'm correct, you're new to NYC. Let me explain how the seasons are here... cold and hot, no real in between. I stopped buying any spring specific outerwear a few years ago after I realized it was useless. You might get about a weeks worth of wearing out of it. With that said, buy something that is versitile and that you can layer up on the cold days, or even better, something that has a zip out lining. The "walking coat" style jackets usually have this feature, so I'd opt for that. Otherwise, I'd invest in a nice sportcoat that's light weight enough for the spring, yet can be worn over a sweater. Look into buying some of the newer, shorter styles for a casual look.
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I like both the Brooks short walking coat and the Polo golf or Harrington jacket. But I'd find one without the logo if you can.
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