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Ede & Ravenscroft Ties?

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I've looked everywhere online (incl. ebay) for Ede & Ravenscroft goods with no luck. Anybody have a good source? Thanks, Panzer
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Looked too. Found three ties on this site and that's all. You might have already found this site anyway. ]
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You can find them on ebay sometimes. I have one I bought there.
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Panzer: Why Ede and Ravenscroft in particular? Have we soured on Hilditch? has a fantastic sale right now. Nonetheless if you want Ede and don't want to call up their Burlington Gardens (Savile Row) store or shop ebay, the australian site (or some such) has various Ede shirts, ties and links, I believe. Bar that I believe our Japanese friends sell Ede, although there may be a language barrier, I'm not sure if they ship to the States, and the prices are probably very high. Try UKism , qpshop , oldvic, , I know there are others and at least one Japanese site sells E&R.
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Great - thanks guys. RJMan - nope, as always, I love H&K ties/shirts but I recently got a E&R tie that I really like - beautiful knot, and the construction seems to be fairly similar to H&K (maybe its the same shop that makes it for both). Just thought I'd try and hunt down a few more if I could... Panzer
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E&R ties pop up fairly regularly on ebay. Also check out the Thresher & Glenny ties which also surface there. The Japanese are definitely selling Ede -- I'd investigate. Ede actually _sponsors_ the Japan Society of GB, whose website states that E&R shoes, shirts and suits are widely sold in Japan.
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Great - thanks again for your help.
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But who makes them? I would be shocked if E&R oversaw their own production. They have no web presence, but you could always order over the phone. The ties are good, but overpriced at regular cost.
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Possibly Charles Hill.
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I hereby bring this thread back from the dead!! A limited selection of Ede and Ravenscroft ties can now be found at C21 for $40. They are made by H+B and are sold on the same rack. Nice stuff.
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the C21 in manhattan or in Bk?
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Originally Posted by ThinkDerm View Post
the C21 in manhattan or in Bk?

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