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My wife's dream

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Well, I know that I have been gone for quite a while but this morning my wife told me about a dream she had last night. I knew that you guys could appreciate this, so I had to return for this posting. (though none of my bookmarks work anymore) Here is the dream: My wife was shopping a local men's store that was going out of business in her dream. He happened upon a table of ties. Upon inspection she realized that they were all seven-folds selling for $9.99. She bought every last one, knowing that if I didn't like them that I could flip them on eBay, or give them to guys from the "fashion forum". Even though she got the name of the forum wrong, it brought a tear to my eye to think that my lovely wife had a dream about seven-fold ties. And was excited to buy them as well. And to top it off, she even thought of you guys too. Hope all is well. -Andy
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Ah, if i had a nickel for every time another man's wife dreamed of me... Welcome back yer highness. /andrew
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Good to hear from you, Andrew. Always enjoyed your posts.
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Welcome back, Andrew. I told my S.O. about the dream and she thought it was pretty funny - also made a comment about how 'this woman seems like she, too, has learned more than she ever needed or wanted to know about menswear'. Stick around for a bit - things have been fairly interesting of late.
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WHAT a woman. ....although the whole 9.99 bit would give me a different sort of dream, something a tad more Freddy Kruegeresque.
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Hi to Fergie. She's our kind of gal. What the hell is that. A squirrel? Those are the biggest balls I've ever seen on a squirrel..
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