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Boot question

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I'm starting to find myself drooling over boots, although I really don't know how to use them. I have a pair of Chiltern from C&J in snuff suede with a crepe sole and they are wonderful with jeans. But for more dressier boots, such as the Sandown from C&J, I have no clue. I love the Sandown, but it seems too dressy for jeans, totally mismatched with chinos or cotton trousers, but undermatched with wool dress trousers. I live in a tropical climate, so I don't wear heavier flannels or tweeds. Any idea on how to use these boots?
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You can wear that with almost everything, if you ask me.
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The Sandown is a beautiful boot.  I can certainly see wearing them with a nice pair of tan slacks, in lightweight wool or cotton or silk blend (not casual khaki's, but well-pressed, fine weave dressy slacks that happen to be tan.  Gray would work well too IMO.  I don't see how they would be "mismatched" with these at all. And, with jeans, I could see these boots working well if paired with a dressy shirt, ideally with a casual blazer.
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I see no reason why not to wear those boots with a suit.
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I second globetrotter's opinion.
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you can wear dressy boots with any suit, as far as I am concerned. In fact, until about the turn of the 20th century, all mens dress "shoes" were boots. The advent of oxfords were a step down in formality. I wear suede chukkas with flannel and tweed suits, and single soled Edward Green Banbury and Warwick boots with even my dressiest suits. They are a bit offbeat and eccentric, which I like, and while you are standing there, they look just like shoes. Its only when you sit and cross your legs do you even notice that you are wearing boots.
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I used to wear only boots, for a few years. for some reason I stopped, but it is my intention to go back to a boot only shoe wardrobe, as my shoes wear out.
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Im about 50% boot, 50% shoe, but I definetely favor the boots. In fact, I won those EG Warwicks on ebay earlier this week, so the boot % is rising.
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I have wanted, for some time, to add some boots to my wardrobe (for suit wear, that is). But I just haven't found the right one at the right price.
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BB has a few nice pair, at $338.00 I think. Dainite soles, but still dressy enough to be worn with suits. They used to be made by Crockett & Jones, and were in fact the exact same model Polo sells in Cordovan as the Maccallum. I think BB has them in black calf, brown suede, and a pebble calf model.
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I don't know if this has been asked before, but I was under the general understanding boots are mostly winter footwear? Specifically, chukka and chelsea styles?
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No, I dont think boots are for winter only. I think thats an impression some people have because chukkas are often suede, and people think of heavy suits with suede shoes. But the truth is suede, and dress boots for that matter can be worn all year round. I suppose someone might argue that because your ankle is covered up with boots that they might be hotter than shoes in the summer. Thats pretty nitpicky to me though.
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Sneakers, than boots, and proper laceups shoes only when I am absolutely required to wear them.
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