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Express polo shirt

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Hello all, I had brought up the topic of polo shirts awhile back, and the quest for the right one for me. I happen to walk into an express yesterday, and they have a deal going that if you try on a pair of pants, the polo shirts are $15. I picked up a nice pale pink one. It has a slim cut, nice fabric, and the logo is embroidered. Pretty nice IMO. So just aheads up if anybody is interested. Can't say the longevity of the item, but I have been happy with their jeans. Nothing too heavy on this topic, just wanted to throw that out there.
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I've purchased several polos from Express and so far they've held up well (had them for a little over a year now). How long is this sale going on and what is the material of these polos? Is it the traditional (I'm not quite sure if there's a proper term for it) kind of textured cotton or their stretchy sleek ones? The latter, I've found, seem to be more fitted, modern looking.
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Its the pique cotton shirts. Sorry, didn't really notice how long. But I would figure atleast through the weekend.
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Not all of the Express stores have that promotion, I know because I was using it to get their non-iron shirts for $15... not too bad for staple french blue shirts. I have a few of their polos, they are decent but the fabric feels a bit strange, stretchy and non-cotton feeling. I think they have some nice striped patterns though.
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Which are these non-iron shirts, dz? I asked in there about them and the manager hadn't heard of them. AFAIK they all have the same stuff.
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They look like 1MX shirts, but are made of better fabric, and say "non-iron" on the tag. They are $59.50 retail. BTW, Express is closing out their "premium" dress shirts, which actually look pretty nice. They were $128, but are now $68, and they have a really nice bengal stripe one. If you get the $15 coupon for trying on the producer pants, and use the 15% discount just for applying to their cc (but not necessarily using it) you can get it for $40 or so, I bought one and it compares fairly well with my Jantzen ones.
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Interesting about the dress shirts. I was looking at them, but there was nothing up about them being discounted. There was some really nice looking ones though.
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If you look at the price tag, they have a printed tag that says $88 now (it used to say $128), and there is a sign on the table (at least at the store near me) that says "$20 off shirts"
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yeah, it could have been there, i just probably missed it. I was just getting out of my office for an hour to clear the old head. I wasn't even planning on buying anything. But you know how that goes.
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