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Alan Bates in "An Englishman Abroad," a must see for forum members, with scenes shot in the basement of John Lobb, at a Savile Row tailor, Sulka, etc. A review: "My very favorite video: An Englishman Abroad (TV 1983). Favorite scene: Burgess and Browne size each other up, in silence. And yes, God Is An Englishman. To quote Alan Strachan one of his supreme performances, in Alan Bennett's An Englishman Abroad. Based on the meeting in Moscow between the actress Coral Browne (who played herself) and the defected traitor Guy Burgess in 1959, John Schlesinger's film revolved round Bates's glorious performance. Looking like a debauched Botticelli angel and seemingly gleefully unrepentant, still full of the camp, mandarin Cambridge style of the 1930s, cannily and gradually Bates revealed the hollow man below, lost and loveless in his chosen promised land. The film ends with Browne, as requested, arranging for a new suit to be made by Burgess's old Savile Row tailors; the final shots of a seemingly revived and squeaky-clean Burgess encased in his new pinstripes, with bowler and tightly-furled brolley, beaming as he strides jauntily through the Moscow crowds, to the strains of Gilbert and Sullivan's "To Be an Englishman", are unforgettable. "
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Steve McQueen in Bullit and The Great Escape. James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. The French Connection. And Hero, I kid you not. The colors are amazing, and those are some bad ass Chinese dudes.
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Anything with Steve McQueen
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Panzeraxe, surely you can't mean ALL the Bond movies. Bond has sported some really bad duds over the years. TSWLM (Moore with flair pants, ugh) and OHMSS (I seem to remember Lazenby wore an ascot and a bad tuxedo shirt with huge ruffles, ala somebody's bad senior yearbook photo circa 1974). Best Bond fashion was seen in Dr. No and From Russia with Love, IMO.
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Bowie in Labyrinth Ewan McGregor in Trainspotting Tony Leung in The Lover Benicio Del Toro in Snatch Ryan O'Neal in Love Story Ralph Fiennes in Onegin All of their styles seemed context/career-appropriate. I would love to own all of these outifts.
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Jeff Bridges in Winter Kills wears some amazing stuff. Where can I get that shawl collar (?) sweater? Dan
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James Cagney in "Angles with Dirty Faces", "The Public Enemy" (even the cops look sharp), "G Men", and "The Roaring Twenties." I don't think Cagney gets enough respect on this board. The scene in "Angels with Dirty Faces" with the gang of kids at the pool-hall/pub after Cagney gives them the money - they're all dressed differently, and even though they're supposed to look screwball, it looks great and shows off a range of styles for the day. "His Girl Friday" - both Cary Grant and Rosalind Russel look stunning in almost every scene. Cary Grant, of course, looks great in almost every film he made in the 30's - 40's. "Dark Victory" - both Bette Davis and George Brent wear some excellent threads. "Adam's Rib" with Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn, although my favorite scene is where Tracy spanks Hepburn on the massage table. Heh heh. I've done the same thing to my girlfriend during an argument... they tend to not like that, but it does get things turned around. Ha ha ha ha.... ;P
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