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The site could use a few photos from, in my opinion. Right after the opening reel.
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Cannot see the shoes: page not found ??
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That site is really lovely. Well done.
I think it should not be entirely based on Flash; I can't see it.
I can get that Flash site, but ever since I installed that recent major upgrade to Windows XP (with pop-up blocker), I can get no longer those Flash sites, which start by launching immediately a new window (like I tried to disable pop-up blockers, downloaded Mozilla and a new Flash player; still the same: I can't get them. I suppose, I'll have to live without those sites. ( is another example I can get the intro bit, but not the actual pages.)
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I have very wide feet, and pretty long feet (14). I don't think I could ever fit into any of those. My feet don't have much of a curve going... I'm flat footed.
Maybe, maybe not. Most of the lasts are wider than typical D-width lasts, and some of the lasts are very wide (the 3636, for example). As for foot curve, well, you might have flat feet, but you probably don't have straight feet.
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Andrew, FYI, I noticed that at least one of the "classic" shoes has no name/description under the picture. Very nice site though. I think the more the website can create a mystique of "Vass" the better. Plus, Budapest is a beautiful, sophisticated city, but I think some people (Americans) stereotypically remember more that Hungary was a communist Soviet country (read: corrupt, industrial, dirty) until about 15 years ago. That will change of course, but the more the website can do to show off that being made in "Budapest" is truly a good thing, the better. My cheap American $0.02....
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I was in Budapest on Monday. It was to be an in and out business trip, so I wouldn't get the chance to hit the Vass store while it was open. While coming back from dinner though, lo and behold, I stumbled across a small shop with all sorts of beautiful shoes..... Yes, out of so many side streets and alleyways I had found it.... Granted it was about 11 pm, so it was closed, but at least I got a chance to peek in the window. Really some beautiful shoes and they are much better in person than the pictures on the website can show (even through the window glass). It is strange though, while about half were gorgeous lasts and the most elegant of shoes, the other half seemed very clunky with soles that extended well away from the upper leather (I don't know what this is called, but I hope you get the picture). But regardless, they looked incredible and just from the look of the quality I would love to have almost any pair. Next time I make sure I catch them while they are open. Client meetings be damned.. K
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1. Vass shoes usually look better in person than in pictures.
Absolutely. Also, the shoes (the U lasts, for example), are taken from perhaps the least flattering angles possible.
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I have very weird feet... extremely wide, very long, and a very sharp slant from my big toe to my little toe. If you were to put a ruler on my little toe and held it straight across all my toes, by the time my big toe is there, it's a full inch above the small toe. Pretty irregular, which makes shoe buying difficult. My foot is also pretty straight, running almost parallel after about 3 inches from the heel. They are monstrous, and yes, I have no doubt at all that with a bit of practice I could water ski on them. My dad always used to joke by calling the room I kept my shoes in the "dry dock". I'm begining to get afraid that the clunkier types will be the only shoes that won't look rediculous on my feet... I'm 19 and I have to wear Oxfords???
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I just don't like the high toe box. The construction looks first rate, espeicially the heels and soles, which look better than anything I've seen - nails in all the right places.
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A great website. I don't like websites with sound, however, all other aspects I really like.
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The high toe box that folks are objecting to is the traditional Budapest shape. As you notice, Vass also offers newer lasts with shapes more acceptable to Western/modern tastes. The high toe box can be pretty cool, though.
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