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Tie Etiquette

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I know that the etiquette of where the tie is at is the tip of should cover the belt buckle. My problem is that my neck is slightly larger than average and it has made it necessary to look for extra long ties. 1. I do not like to have thin knots and this result happens all the time in order to get the full extension down to the belt buckle. 2. The amount of "high quality" extra long ties are either really small or I am looking in the wrong place. My tie preferences are D&G, Brooks Brothers, and T&A and aside from bespoke ties (which I never plan to do) I do not see any available in extra long. If the tip of the tie rule on the belt buckle is to be thrown out I could probably raise it to slightly higher than the belt buckle, develop a thicker knot, and be satisfied. Suggestions? Regards, CT
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There are generally bins of "extra long" ties in Nordstrom. I can't vouch for the non-hideousness of them, though.
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I think Ben Silver sells most of their patterns in extra long. You're going to be limited to a lot of stripes and "trad" patterns, however.
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I think Ben Silver sells most of their patterns in extra long.  You're going to be limited to a lot of stripes and "trad" patterns, however.
a person could do worse than having a tie collection from Ben Silver. I usually leave the short side a little shorter, on my ties, in order to keep the long side touching my belt.
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FIH has some. Dan
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Trad patterns are fine by me. I don't mind if trad equals classical and boring either. My father took a look at my Lobb Staffords the other day and said "My dad used to have a pair of those". I am sure it was just the styling. I'm wearing a cotton dress shirt with turnback cuffs circa 1962. Trad is good. Thanks everyone. Regards, CT
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FIH has some. Dan
Its true... 62 inch, some 4 fold, 7 fold and Saddle Stitch. Try emailing Chuck at www.CarloFranco.com or PMing Carlo on the forum as he has some as well.
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Brooks Brothers definitely stocks XLs, though most appear to be in their traditional repp patterns (the No. 1, etc.).
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I've posted on this here and at AAAC.  Bergdorf said that Charvet would make XL, no problem.   Turnbull will do that and anything else you like. Also, don't rule out Land's End and similar places for everyday stuff.  Some of it is quite acceptable quality, w/very low prices. Ben Silver seems less than thrilled about making XLs, although maybe I got the wrong service rep. The Andover Shop carries some of the world's nicest ties, and will extend them (with 5" of dark silk) in their own workrooms-- no charge. Not quite the same as bespoke, but it extends your options quite a bit. And, yes, FIH and Carlo are both beefing up their inventories of XLs.  If you prefer an Italian style, that is where to go next, without question.
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I've had X-longs by Altea, Hermes and ETRO (~62"), generally acquired by accident, but they are out there.
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A 20" neck? Don't worry about etiquette. Just choke the hell out of whomever it was who has had the temerity to comment negatively on accessories.
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