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Can anyone recommend a good one? I've been using a Mitchum roll-on forever, and while it isn't terrible, I feel that it is just passable. Any recommendations for one that would be readily available just about anywhere (i.e. no secret formulae from medicine men in the middle of Africa), that won't stain clothing if worn without an undershirt? Thanks.
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I've always heard that it's not good for you to use an anti-perspirant, so I've always just used a deodorant. I'm Currently using Old Spice High Endurance - Mountain Rush and it seems to work quite well. Bradford
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I've used Mitchum roll-on since I was a teenager. Occasionally I may have to buy something else when Mitchum's sold out at the drugstore, but in my experience nothing compares to it for effectiveness and ready availability.
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I don't know if there is any actual scientific or medical backing to this but avoiding any products with aluminum has always been something I follow.  Not to say I don't use aluminum foil or drink from aluminum soda cans but I have read a number of reports linking high aluminum levels to Alzheimer's disease. Anti-perspirants contain aluminum as does iodized salt(as does anti-caking agent).  There are many more products that do but a list would go on forever.  I say stick with deodorants.  I believe the aluminum in anti-perspirants causes those nasty yellow stains which are quite difficult to wash out.  I been using Brut for a long time and think it works quite well.  Perhaps someone in the medical profession can elaborate more on the affects of aluminum.
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You might want to check out the Antiperspirant thread... Right here...
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I've been using the Anthony Logistics deoderant. It has a really strange scent to it (I mean that in a good way, and it's not an overbearing scent), so it's not the route to go if you're wanting fragrance-free. It works well.
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Sppedstick Sport Talc for me, odorless, and works for those hard sweaty days dealing with Grenson.
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