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Front rise vs. back rise on jeans - What's the deal?

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I've noticed this mostly with Nudies, but it seems like a lot jeans have a much higher rise in the rear compared to the front. I believe my Slim Jims have a front rise of 10" and a back rise of 15". The effect is that the waist swoops down considerably in the front which looks especially weird when tucking in a shirt. I can either force it straight and have saggy butt, or I can pull it up for a slim fit in the back and risk male camel toe in the front. Does any one else have this issue?

I can see why girls' jeans would be cut this way to accentuate a more curvy figure, and a longer back rise is necessary for both sexes to account for the butt. However, considering guys also have extra junk in the front, I don't understand the low rise in the front and high rise in the back.

Can anyone recommend any raw denim jeans that have less of this low-swooping front rise?
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So are you confused as to why jeans have a higher back rise than front rise? Because you seem to have answered your own question. You haven't stated so, but do you personally have a problem where you think your jeans' back rise is too high? If not, just let it go Just look at any "raw denim jeans" maker that does not make repro fits, as repro fits have the back rise ur talking about. Any modern-style cut (Acne, APC, Etc...) will have a smaller back:front rise ratio
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Yes, I'm confused as to why this is desirable. Yes, this a problem for me "personally".

Maybe I'll try some New Standards which are less severe with 11" front/14" back.
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My SC's (a repro) are kind of like this but it's not really an issue. Maybe you just need to eat more junk food and get a bigger butt to compensate. That or you can cut your penis off to remove the need for room in the front and then maybe you can achieve your so-called male camel toe.
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That cut is meant to feign a lower rise in the front for sex appeal, but higher in the back so when you bend over you don't show everyone your MJK bamboo boxers, no matter how nice they are.
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This isn't restricted to jeans: all pants are cut like this. That's how humans are built: there is more of us in the back than in the front. It just seems like you have a flat ass. Try padding or eating more fatty food. I have a flat ass as well, and NS seem to fit fine on me. They have a higher front rise than most Nudies (although there are a lot of different Nudie designs).
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You guys are funny. I actually don't have a flat ass, and no I'm not posting pics. If you took a survey of male, white asses my name would be right in the middle.

I understand why there is a need for an extra few inches in the back rise, just not 5". I actually need an extra inch or so in the front (if you know what I'm sayin'). I appreciate not having plumber's crack in the back, I'm just not into the moose knuckle in the front. I'm married with a kid so I'm not exactly trying to show off my package these days.
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