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Bennies and Grenson

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Chris, at Bennies extended what I believe was a great deal on three pair of Grensons.  On Saturday, he sold me a pair of these: (A Harris took some great pics.) Also a pair of cognac 5-eyelet oxfords with Medway soles and a pair of brown pebble-grain 4 eyelet bluchers, with Ridgeway soles.  The brown bluchers are definitely from the Country line, but I'll have to wait to see the oxfords to determine what line they're from. Chris indicated he was charging only $10 above cost for each pair because a new shipment of Grensons was due.  The Masterpiece tassle derby's were $110 and the rubber soled shoes were $80 each pair.  Add $30 shipping and the total was $300.
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The Grenson pages at Bennie's appear to be gone. Sounds like you did great. I love my Grenson captoes and chukkas.
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I know. No more on-line shoe ogling.
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I assume Bennie's is doing inventory to figure out what they do and don't have, as I think at least a few items that had been listed are actually sold out. Hopefully we'll have a clear-out-the-"dregs" sale in preparation for the new shipment.
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You assume right, the pics of the remaining styles with pricing will be back up soon....give me a few days
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