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Originally Posted by whodini View Post
The lap fading on those jeans is bizarre to say the least. They seem like random streaks here and there.

Still, damn. 5-7 years? Wow.

2 years

5-7 jeans rotated.
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I know the pipe leg are zip-fly, but can anyone comment on whether the classic straights are button or zip-fly? Thanks.
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oh, anywhere to buy these besides farinelli's? tragically they've sold out of my size before the sale.
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Originally Posted by givemefive View Post
2 years

5-7 jeans rotated.
Ha, totally read that wrong. Still, impressive for that amount of time, then. Barney's might still have them/carry them.
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spurr interview
01.What's the most worn item in your closet? A Pair of SPURR rigid pipe leg jeans. I wear them almost every day. They are a modern, luxe version of a 501- every man should have a pair.
fair assessment?
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Yea, I'd say the cut is kinda close to a '47 501... slimmer than the 501 on sale today probably.
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How much shrinkage can be expected in the inseam? I planned to soak mine before getting them hemmed, I'd rather wear them with a fairly clean break without much stacking or cuffing.
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I wouldnt soak anything but thats just me.

The bootcut is the only button fly jean. The classic and the pipe are zippers.

I will be interviewing Simon sometime this month for the blog.

His shit is expensive but damn is it nice.
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Mauro, do you think the inseam shrinkage would be minimal? I was under the impression that they were raw and bleed a lot.
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They're sanforized. Sanforized doesn't shrink like no-wash.
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Thanks Who, I suppose I'll take them to get hemmed straight away then.
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I'd give them an extra half inch or so extra on the inseam when hemming. You can take back a fair amount on the inseam by stretching them out while still wet but some people prefer to either not do that or be more safe than sorry.
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shrinkage for most sanforized denim ( rule of thumb is ) 1% to 5% shrinkage of total lenght.
I would leave and extra half inch.
try not to wash them they will break in nice.
If you want to get them dak turn them inside outside and machine wash cold for 20min.
You will be good to go.

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Isn't that what you/I just said in the post above?
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Isn't that what you/I just said in the post above?
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