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Another Jantzen thread...

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I just placed an order for my first Jantzen shirt. Specs below.  Any replies are the responsibility of their respective posters, as I am not asking any question which would start another long Jantzen thread.   -Edit- Sorry guys, I meant no Jantzen bashing, &c. Comments on my choices/what you would have done differently are appreciated, as this is my first shirt. I just kinda picked what I thought would be ok and took a stab at it since everyone seems to agree that the first one is never right. Shirt Length: 35" Chest: 40" Waist: 37" Hip: 40" Shoulder: 18.5" Sleeve Length: 35.5" Neck: 16.5" Height: 71" Weight: 185 Wrist Size ( No Allowance): 7.25" Special for Thicker Watch: Left Hand 1/4" Bigger Shirt Fitting: Medium (6"-8" Allowance) Share of Shoulder: Regular Shoulder Shade of Body: Normal Shade Material Item: End & End Material Material Number: Number #14, Please Select Material Number Materail Number: Please Select Material Number Collar Style: Collar Style # 9, (Simi Rounded) Collar Stay: Removable Collar Stay Interlining: Regular Tie space: 1/8" (Standard) Back Height: 1 1/2" (Standard) Stitching for Collar & Cuff: No Stitching (Fashionable) Collar Point: 2 3/4" (Standard) Color of Button Hole and Button Thread: Self Colour Cuff Style: French Cuff Style #4D (Round) Contract Collar: Self Collar & Cuff Cuff Height: 3" (Long) Pocket Style : Select one Number of Pocket: No Pocket Front Placket: Plain Front Width of Placket: 1 3/8 (Our Standard) Sleeve: Long Sleeve Sleeves Slit  Extra Button: Without Sleeves Slit Extra Buttons Shirt Tail: Regular Tail Shoulder Pleat: Middle Box Pleat Select one: Without Split Yoke Gusset Triangle Color: Jantzen *J* initial white triangular piece. Button Seclections:: Gray 3.4mm thickness Trocas Buttons Monogram Style: Monogram Style #16 Monogram Placing: Inside the Yoke Initial: jian ren Monogram Color: Light Gray
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Didn't mean to scare everyone off; poor choice of wording, I guess. Should be all-right now.
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Gonna have to post pictures when you get it and we'll see what to change about it.
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Jantzen gives an astounding value for the money. So far, I have failed to find a capable shirtmaker here in Seoul that can deliver the quality product that Jantzen does, at the same price. I am SO going to place a huge order. I need this stuff badly.
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I'm not sure I like the material or the "J" gusset, but the shirt's not for me now is it. Regarding the material, I'm cautious when it comes to ordering anything with an especially unusual color. I don't think the color of the materials reproduces very well on-line. The "J" gusset is fine, but in my mind is odd for a bespoke shirt. It should be a "stagraven" shirt. Well, maybe if your name begins with a J... Let us know when your shirt arrives. It will be interesting to see how quickly Ricky keeps up after the New Year clearout. I ordered two shirts today myself.
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