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Brooks Bro's suits

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Brooks Bro's carries some Greenfield suits (with a label inside that says Brooks Bro's Handmade) that are on sale for $400-$600. I've picked one up so far (very nice). According to Brooks Bros, the suits are all full-canvas with double vents (which look nice). Anyway, I was thinking of picking up a few more at this price since that seems a great price if it's a quality suit. Anyone know more about these suits and what's your opinion on quality,durability,etc? I will post a pic of my first when I pick it up from the tailors on March 4th. Thanks in advance.
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Great suits -- these aren't the Golden Fleece? They may indeed be the Silver Label (it is a silver label inside it?). These are reputedly better than the Golden Fleece, and a nice pick up indeed at that price. Where did you see these?
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I got mine at the Seattle Brooks Brothers store (downtown, 5th and Union, something like that). Trying to find info on it on the website, but can't find anything. Someone on the board mentioned the Martin Greenfield suits (not sure if I spelled that correctly) being sold by Brooks Bro's. It is one of those. The material was a flannel I believe. Don't remember much other than trying on this beautiful DB gray pinstripe, asking if it was full canvas, and saying "I'll take it, when can I pick it up?" when the salesman answered in the affirmative. Heh heh. It was a whirwind of compulsive spending on Saturday. Oh God. But I did get a great Loro Piana blazer, and I believe the suit used Loro Piana also. Anyway... was thinking of heading back there and picking up a couple more, just wanted to see if anyone knew more about these. They're on sale now for $400-$500, which seems a steal for the quality.
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The Atlanta (Lenox Square) store has about 20 left; fall/winter weight-reduced form $1,298 to $499. They have double breasted in navy and gray chalk stripes (none in my size, unfortunately) and single breasteds in several colors and patterns (mostly 2 button). Only one in my size (41R), a two button mid grey glenplaid.
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Do they have any navy DB's left in 40R?
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I've got two Brooks Bros. with a "Hand Tailored" label (if this is the same "silver" label mentioned above). One is a soft flannel and the other is a year-round. Both are wearing well (purchased on e-bay) and are quite comfortable. Although I didn't pay $400 for mine ($160 and $125, respectively), it sounds like a pretty good price for new.
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The Connecticut Avenue BB store has a few Greenfield Golden Fleeces selling for $498, marked down from $1298.  You can get 25% off that sales price by using (or opening) a BB charge card.  Pretty good deal, and pretty tempting (even though I hardly need any more suits at this point).
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(even though I hardly need any more suits at this point).
Huh? Great deal if you can find what you want.
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