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Here are some boots in that style/price range on sale- Timberland, Diesel, Cole Haan etc. I bought a pair of boots on sale on the website so now they send me sale info- luckily it's on my crap email that's already spammed to death, I can go look if I want but usually not so much...,6378635,MDP_TLN_1_SAL_BKGD_NON_DSC_&clink=6378635#style=20009


Mods please advise if this is uncool- nothing to do with the site, just shop there...


Also- I see a lot of boots on Kenneth Cole NY site, they say are made in Italy- these are $350-400 retail and I am sure they are not worth that, but does anyone know firsthand about these and if they are worth the $100-150 when they are on sale? They definitely have the homage styles covered, like the "Movie Star" that looks just like the boots Orlando Bloom is wearing in the baller thread that cost $2000 plus...  lol




Originally Posted by David Robert View Post

I need your advice.


I have two questions.


1. I love this look, but i don't know, what kind of shoes i need, any suggestions? 






2. I have been looking a pair of boots (to combine with a jean and a white casual shirt). Price around 150$ 


I fall in love of these boots, but i don't know the brand or quality, what do you think? worth it?






Thank you, i really appreciate your help.




P.S: I am learning english, if you have to correct me, don't hesitate. 

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Don't really like the brands you posted. If you want boots like that check yoox.
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Originally Posted by mike868y View Post

what the hell is happening to this thread.

Seriously. Less piperlime garbage that's going to last a season, maybe, and more actually going back and reading through this thread.


Stop worrying about sticker price and start worrying about cost per wear. If $150 is your budget, take a little more time to save so you can get something that at the very least is Goodyear-welted with a full-grain upper.

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Anyone wearing creepers?
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Originally Posted by Tuma View Post

Anyone wearing creepers?
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creepers gonna creep
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Originally Posted by ManofKent View Post

I've had three pairs of C&J - two of which have held up well, one of which hasn't. I wouldn't say I'm exactly unsatisfied, but I think it's a bit over-hyped, and a little over-priced. The pricing puts it up at Tricker's level, and I think for the money they produce a much better quality shoe.

Sanders quality seems variable - I've got a great pair of commando soled derbies that are slightly better than typical Loake 1880 quality, but a pair of Chelseas where the leather won't take polish evenly and are 'okay' at best. A pair of black boots are one of my most worn bits of footwear. Certainly worth a look.

The only Herring shoes I've had were effectively re-branded Loake 1880's (much like most of Charles Tyrwhitt's better own-branded shoes). I've no experience with their Portuguese made lines.

Cheaney have been very solid shoes for the price, although I think mine were made pre the Church family buyout. I'd certainly look at their current stock.

Church's are decent enough but nothing special for the price.

Alfred Sargent seem to have positioned themselves more upmarket recently and look really nice. The only shoes I've got from them were from the discontinued Premier line (good shoes at a good price) and a pair from the old Classic Collection (generally decently made, but corrected grain, although the Suede shoes were a bargain).

Grenson seem to have changed their lines too - I liked the old Rose Collection, and disliked the lower lines.

I have a pair Alfred Sargent Kelso in a zugg grain, really great thick leather, pretty rugged and still probably one of my best purchases overall. They're heavy but I really like the feel and have really kinda broken in over the years they're probably see the most wear out of all my footwear, they're pretty versatile since its a dark brown goes with a lot different colors.

I also have some brogue boots by Tim Little, quality of leather/craftsmanship and shape are pretty top notch, price is up there but if you get a chance to check them out you should.
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Originally Posted by 3 Prague Winters View Post

creepers gonna creep

Speaking of that pair of boots,,

has anyone heard of a Japanese brand called Foot the Coacher? Horween Leather made in the USA (but apparently sold only in Japan ?). Warning: huge resolution (Click to show)

Price is just below the baller boots threshold (70k jpy >)
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Figured this place would be the best place to ask... I've been looking for a while, but haven't been able to find the classic MMM side zips in matte black (some undertones ok) with a substantial sole. All I see are the clear soles and yoox stuff. Basically this (below) but not burnished in a 41. Other brands with very similar shape and better quality also welcome. Thanks guys.


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

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Have any of you guys seen the APC Ankle Derby boots for sale? or anything that is similar?

Really like them for some reason and been looking everywhere.
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The discussions of increasingly high pricing for shell, scarcity of exotic shell and quality/QC issues from both Alden and AE, have left me frustrated and so my last two purchases have not been from those brands.  I don't want to be married to shell nor these brands (although I really, really love my Alden boots --- shell, calf and CXL) so I am trying to experiment and branch out.  These are my latest purchase, from Officine Creative.  I've really liked the design/looks of their boots for quite some time and have been waiting for an opportunity to get their $600-700 retail boots on sale.  Got these with a really good deal from Gilt.  My week's vacation is ending tomorrow so am looking forward to trying these on when I get home tomorrow.


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Now I read the message from the CEO of AE on the AE thread and I almost feel guilty for saying what I said above. Quality/design issues aside, I will never abandon AE because their customer service is second to none. Wish some of AE's culture would rub off onto Alden corporate, though some the Alden retailers are top notch.
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A couple questions I'm cross-posting in some threads that are relevant:

Is there a way to know if a shoe/boot has good arch support just by looking at it?
Does anybody know some decently priced (under $200) basic shoes/boots that have good arch support? I was thinking of Docs but since they started manufacturing in China they don't feel as good in quality as they used to be; I've got a newer pair and they've been difficult to break in.
I'm asking because I'm looking for a pair for a friend's birthday and he's said one thing he needs in a shoe is good arch support, and he has trouble finding nice shoes that are comfortable.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

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