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Saw these MA+ boots on ebay and thought they looked interesting.. don't see a lot of boots made from a single piece of leather. The opening at the back looks pretty chilly in cold weather though..

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nice shape & color, horrible lacing system

just horrible
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I will say that lacing is pretty.... creative.
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Are there boots looking similar to Timbaland boots but with better quality and a bit more special? I don't mind paying more but I like the "casual" look of the Timbalands while my GTs for example are a bit more dressy.
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This is perfect:

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makes me want shell everything
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Originally Posted by ceoceo View Post

This is perfect: Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

are these motos from japan?
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edit: No worries, found the boot I was looking for.
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Originally Posted by brokeassp View Post

are these motos from japan?

They are Chausser shoes (also from Japan). But I am 99% sure they use the same shell as Moto's.
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7.5 D Red Wing GTs ending soon on ebay
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Hello everyone.

I need assistance of style forum fellowship. I live in Poland and am about to buy my very first pair of Red Wings - 875s or 877s - and simply put, I have no idea what size to choose. I cannot go to a store and talk with a Red Wing expert who would tell me the exact size I need - I have to count on your advices, dear community. My foot is 26.5 cm long, which is roughly 10.5 in. I usually wear size 8.5, or 41EU. So far I am aware that both 875s and 877s run large, so I should size down at least half a size. In my case that would be picking size 8 - or even 7.5. Would I be safe ordering 7.5 of 877s (875s)? Wouldn't size 7.5 be too tight? I've already asked customer service in about three online shops about the right size of styles mentioned above, however no one was able to help me. Thus I decided to post my conundrum here...

Your thorough assistance would be appreciated, as I will have virtually no options of returning shoes to US for a different size, and these boots will cost me about... well... about my entire monthly salary :-). Surely there must be guys here that have same foot size as I do - what is you experience with 875s and 877s? Please, share it here

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Are you in a hurry?
I have abot the same size feet, and can go to a store, but I am pretty hung up at the moment.
Others may have better/quicker advice.
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You won me by your selfless proposal :-). I won't rush you... but the sooner, the better :-). It surely will benefit not only me...

Denmark has Red Wing shoe shop, why we in Poland don't?! Grrr...


Do it when you have some free time, will you? Thanks again :-).

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Where to find those Chaussers? Or Motos? Only in Japan?
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Both only for Japan me thinks. Blackbird used to import them but with crazy yen looks like they gave up
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