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RRL Store on Melrose

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While I made my quick trip through LA this past weekend I swung by the new RRL store on 8150 Melrose (next to Fred Segal.) If you're at all interested in the line or just Americana/workwear in general then I highly recommend you check it out.

A few notes:
-Opened on 10/31 and built like a garage.
-Bigger collection than RRL Malibu.
-The flannels definitely contend with Woolrich and EG.
-RL brought in a few employees from the NYC store to work here. Spoke a bit with one of them and she was super helpful and knowledgeable (and cute.)
-Their pants are nothing short of incredible. They may be a bit too distressed or "lived-in" for the SF crowd but the materials and attention to detail made them pieces of art. One pair was made of a material similar to what firemen would wear on the job: thick, heavy, and coated. Not sure how I'd incorporate it into a fit but they really made me want to find a way.
-Denim: I'm a fan of the low straight cut. It's a style that would go over very, very well here on the forum.

Here's a link to a decent write-up with pics:
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agree. The low straight is a new, great cut from them. It is not really that low. IMO the best overall fit they have now.
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This is the second time they have had an RRL store in that neighborhood. The first one was on 3rd, near Fairfax. They just keep pumping money into RRL.
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What are the measurements like on those?
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I have the chino and ALL of the jeans not to hijack the thread.

They DO NOT PUMP money into RRL at all.
RRL loses Ralph money. It's his baby. There is no skimping on anything even if some goods are made in China.
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+1 on RRL losing money on their shit (especially jeans). +1 on blake's assessment of the low straight. Just a great, great fit. Mauro, we might need to talk about that next month...
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looks really good, I wish I had access. Im liking alot of the RRL ive seen, but the price (especially in sweden) really is too much for me.
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went by RRL yesterday, it's a very cool store..just a short walk from the Supreme shopping experience that is Paul Smith (across street half block down)

everything is so thick in there, it made me feel itchy and hot just seeing it on the shelves

def has that worker/marlboro man vibe....good gear if you like to wear thick shit that makes you sweat all day

I think xChen would blow a premature load in here
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I checked out the store also, like others have stated the low straight jeans are a nice fit... Will probably pick up a pair soon.
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I had a pretty sloppy sale experience last week. I went in to check out their flannel sale but didn't see anything in my size. One of the SA's told me he could have a flannel I wanted in my size shipped to the store so he took down my info and said I'd get a call in a few days once it arrived. I repeatedly said I did NOT want it shipped directly to me as I would be in and out of LA a lot and didn't want it to just be left at my doorstep. Sure enough, I get back from traveling and find a FedEx slip that I can't sign for because the package needs signature confirmation. Wasted most of the next day waiting around for the shirt to arrive; not only did it turn out to be too small but they also charged me more than I expected (should have been 30% off according to the sales rack) and charged me $15 for shipping (which wasn't bad but then again I was never told about it or even given a proper total at the store). The good news was that I went in today to complain and get a refund and the same SA not only apologized but brought out the store manager who also apologized for the inconvenience. They were both thoroughly genuine and not only gave me back store credit but also extended a future discount. Bottom line was that while I was handled pretty sloppily the end result gave me a good reason to continue shopping there. Hopefully Mauro, Chad, MJK, etc. won't read this thread and continue to think that all my available funds go strictly to them.
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Originally Posted by Get Smart View Post
I think xChen would blow a premature load in here

I went to the RRL stores in Georgetown and NYC over the weekend, and I only bought one thing. I've gotten to where I'll only by RRL on a pretty heavy discount nowadays. If I am going to spend full retail I'd just rather go with something else like the Flat Head or Sugar Cane.

Also, lately they have been branding everything like crazy. Just not my style.
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Thanks for the store review; I may go and check an RRL retail store out. How deep are sales in general at RRL retail stores?
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Totally depends on the store, right now most of the past collections (each season has themed collections; ie: tweed, black tie) are anywhere from 30->75% off
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Cool, thanks. I'll definitely head over to the NYC one when I have time. I wonder if they will ever establish more of a web presence for RRL.
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probably not. it's an unprofitable niche brand
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