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Vass shoes and Prada Chelsea boots

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Hey you guys, I got hold of a pair of dark brown boxcalf U-Last Norwegian Derbies in a size 45.  Comes with the original box (unfortunately a little knocked about.) and shoe bags, but not the Vass shoehorns.  Tried on but unworn, and in mint condition.  Not a mark on the soles.  Of all the Vass lasts, the U lasts are the most expensive, excepting the boots.  The original retail price at Louis Boston was $1195.  My price to Styleforum members is $600 shipped (within the continental US - others pay actual shipping).   Boston members who can pay cash and can pick up get an additional discount.   The actual color of the shoe is a deep chestnut brown, a little lighter than these pictures appear.  The shape of the shoe is truly magnificent, with a terrific elongated chiselled toebox.  I would keep them if I could afford them, and I never wear anything but sneakers. A *lot* darker than shown on the site. Also, have a pair of dark brown boxcalf Prada mainline chelsea boots, also new (stickers still on the bottom of the shoes), with the famous crisscrossed rubber soles.  Size 10 Prada, which is about size 11 US in this case(just tried them on, and they fit me - a sightly wide US 11 - perfectly.)  Pretty nice, especially useful for those who need to tramp around town in winter conditions, but don't want to sacrifice style.  Come with Neil Barrett shoe cloths in a Miu Miu box.  Wierd mix and match, but I am out of Prada boot boxes and bags, and there are significant connections between all three brands. The usual retail price is about 450 USD.  I will let them go for $150 shipped.  Same Boston discount applies. Take a look. You guys have until Tuesday to get back to me.  After that, if there is no interest, both pairs will get ebayed.  Well, I may keep the Prada boots; but the Vass will go up for auction for sure.  Save us both some money now.
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Found the original post by A Harris showing the Norwegian on what appears to be a U last. The product that ended up at Louis is a darker, deeper chestnut brown,, but the design is the same. Just keep going down the page. There is only one picture of the Norwegian derby. A. Harris original post on Vass shoes
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I can vouch for these shoes, as I've seen them in person. Really a great, rich color.
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Interested in the prada boots, if you could get up some pics that would be nice. Thanks.
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Pics of both pairs of shoes shall be uploaded tonight, if not earlier.
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Those Vass shoes are sorely tempting me to revoke my recent resolution not to buy shoes without trying them on, but I'm a US 11.5D and don't think the Vass's will fit. Oh, but sooooo tempting.....
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I saw those at FB yesterday. I can vouch for them. They are absolutely amazing. I showed them to my gf and she loved them. She was more impressed with them than the when I brought her into the JM Weston store and was looking around. I would've picked them up if they were in my size btw.
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Thinman, I wear a 10.5 in Edward Green/C & J, etc., and wear 44.5 in the Vass shoes.
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Fit I've gotten some PMs regarding the fit of the Vass shoes.  At first I was reluctant to try them on, but finally did (don't worry.  On a piece of paper in my office.   I am a small but slightly wider than normal 11US, and the shoes are much too long for me and a little tight on the sides.  I would say that the shoes would fit perfectly for a 11.5D (US) or even a small 12D (US).  Just my $0.02. A. Harris, please feel free to correct me. Anyway, just got the pics, and they will be up very shortly for both the Vass and Pradas. Cheers. Edited to clear up confusion between UK and US sizing systems.
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Johnnynorman3, Just to be clear, that is a Green and C&J in UK sizes, which are one size smaller than the US size, is that correct? LA Guy.
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I actually meant 10.5 US size (10 UK). I've tried on the 44.5 Vass's before, and that's about as big as I could go. I could fit into a 44, but would prefer a 44.5 out of personal preference. In a lot of (indeed, most) Italian shoes I'll wear an 11. That is why I think an 11.5 would probably be a pretty good fit length wise for the size 45s. I'm a pretty true D width, if perhaps falling on the narrow side, and the Vass u-last fits me pretty good.
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Bumped to reflect that the pics are up and in. Also, I would like to put them on Ebay by tomorrow afternoon in order to maximize potential bidding (Around 3:30 P.M.) So if no one gives me a firm offer by that time, up they go. As for sizing, there seems to be some confusion. I have essentially no experience with the brand, but I am a small 11US, with wider feet because of slightly fallen arches, and these shoes were long on me (over 1.5 inches to the end of the toe box, way too much space), but narrow. The floor is yours, gentlemen.
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Someone please buy these and put me out of my misery........ arghhhhhhhhhhhh.
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LA Guy, just PM'd you that I'll take the shoes at the price mentioned in your last message. After searching through StyleForum and AskAndy (d*** that slow AA search engine), it seems the U-last has an extra 1/4" in the toe. Should be just enough (I hope).
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Thanks Thinman. Vass shoes are now off the market. Anyone for the Pradas? There is snow here, and if no one picks these up for soon, I will use them as snowboots.
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