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Armani Collezioni

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Is the Armani Collezioni line garbage? I'm looking for a possibly "fashion-forward" jacket/blazer and saw some fairly nice ones in the Armani Collezioni line. However, I prefer not to purchase garbage. Has anyone here on the board owned one, and if so, what did you think? Was yours wool, linen, or other fabric? How did it wear? Thank you.
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Personally, I don't think they're garbage, but they're not worth full retail. Generally fused with decent quality. The silhouette nowadays is pretty good, but I'd avoid anything being sold on eBay that isn't clearly from the past couple of seasons. There are still plenty of jackets floating around there with aircraft carrier shoulders and gorges and button stances somewhere around the crotch.
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I have a couple of AC pants, I like them very much. The fit is perfect for my figure. I'm not familiar with the jacket unfortunately.
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No ownership here, but I've tried some on and sadly they don't fit my figure. They are cut too long for me and do not flatter. The concensus seems to be that they are made from good, interesting fabrics. The workmanship is, not by a long shot, first class but still good. They have a fused front but it is very soft and nothing to complain about. Perhaps it will affect their lifespan but then again, they are so contemporary that they are almost consumables. If you'll still be wearing it after the fusing fails, you've got worse problems . B
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I purchased three Armani Collezioni jackets on sale at NM Last Call and am happy with all of them. They are wool, wool blends (alpaca, silk etc.) and while they are fused, I am partial to the woven fabrics, which are "fashion forward." Two are single button and are great for casual wear and around the office when I don't have to wear a suit. The Armani cut on these also quite nice. Over the three years I've owned them, I have received a number of compliments on them. If you can buy them at a good price, they're great jackets to own.
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i agree with sevcom. I own one MTM armani suit. When I wear it, I get more complements from ladies than Brioni, Zegna, or Canali suits. Armani's fusing is one the best. It's so soft that the lapels roll like canvased suits. But, I would not buy Armani suits anymore. Since I am a fan of canvased suites. But if I had money and had to buy items from well marked euro designers, it would be Armani.
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LP, I used to think Armani Collezioni made really nice stuff in highschool.  Since joining this forum and shopping in New York, and to a lesser extent San Francisco, I can't see myself EVER buying Collezioni, even for fashion forward pieces. There are just too many "alternative" designers who offer fashionable pieces with better detailing and/or superior construction.  The most likely candidates in these categories include: Construction: Jil Sander Helmut Lang Prada Costume National (the newer City suits are fused) Detailing: Martin Margiela 10 (a little "out there" at times) Junya Watanabe for CDG Paul Smith Etro (should be placed on both lists) Heck, even the Z line from Zegna appeals to me more than Armani...the shoulders never look right on me for reasons unknown.
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Prelude: I've already mentioned this suit before, but for the present conversation, it is perhaps worth another mention. Experience: I fell for a black wool suit by Armani C. (AC) in the comfort model, one button, ventless. This piece breaks every rule. Nevertheless, when I bought it, I understood what I was doing, I knew what I was getting. I was buying a particular look. AC has that look like no other designer. Prada is not AC is not Etro is not Kiton is not Saville Row. I would not make comparisons. Advice: go in for an AC suit if it flatters you, try to get it at a discount, and don't buy deep. I own one Armani suit and it is enough. When I want that look, I wear that. Period.
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I have one and it's a very particular piece. A beige plaid 3-button double vent with flat fronts. Bought it on Ebay for about $400. It's strictly a summer suit, and one I wear on a Friday with brougues. Fabric is pretty nice, construction is pretty crappy, but teh fit is fabulous and the styling is wonderful. I love the suit, but bought it because I was looking specifically for a beige summer suit, not because it was an Armani.
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AC can be attractive, but in my experience wears out more rapidly than some of the better constructed suits and coats. The materials that are used can be interesting but the looser weaves may tend to snag easily. I don't but AC with the expectation that I will have it in use ten years from now. In a related vein, are Armani blaCK label suits fused or canvas?
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In a related vein, are Armani blaCK label suits fused or canvas?
I don't relate to the term "black label" with regards to Armani. When referring to the "Giorgio Armani" label, those suits are fully canvassed and cost twice as much as suits in the Armani Collezioni line. However, Giorgio Armani RTW suits, at least recently, are not cut slim. This is an observation I made at a store in the United States and may not be universal. Giorgio Armani does have a MTM program; I suppose one could request a slimmer fit in their models. However, I don't see much of an advantage to the Giorgio Armani line, unless the fabrics appeal to you and the generous cut is flattering. It seems the high cost of those suits is unjustified.
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AC are sort of a full cut, machine made, out of the mill suits. They would compare to Hugo Boss or Z Zegna. Nothing worth the outrageous price tag, really. But then again, among most people, it would probably be the epitome of fashion, luxury and style. .luc
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AC are sort of a full cut, machine made, out of the mill suits. They would compare to Hugo Boss or Z Zegna. Nothing worth the outrageous price tag, really. But then again, among most people, it would probably be the epitome of fashion, luxury and style. .luc
I disagree regarding "full cut" across the board. There are various AC models, only some of which are cut full.
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johnapril : okay, point taken. I haven't delved in the whole line. They are somewhat fuller cut than designer suits though (dolce & gabbana, jil sander, ...etc) .luc
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Oh, yes. I tried on a Dolce and Gabbana for spring 2005, in my size, the thing was made for an anorexic woman.
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