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Madonna is ridiculous

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I always thought Madonna was a bit of a crazy bitch but damn. Check out "Her do's and don'ts" at the bottom of the page.

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Must be fun to be her kids.
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I agree with her on one point: no man-made fibers.
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While I agree this is over the top, it's up to her how to raise her kids.
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I liked Madonna musically and physically before she bore crotchfruit.
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Kaballah must be a very controlling cult.
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She's got some serious issues.
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If I were Guy, instead of reading her books, I'd screen my films for them.
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silicone and collagen are not on her "no" list apparently
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One night, when the wind is still, and the sky glows and pulses heavily, the whispers from diving knives will be heard across the land, as her kids slice dat bitch up in her sleep.
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we can dream. what is arod thinking? must have grandmommy issues.
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Why would he put up with these absurd demands? Arent they his kids too? How did he lose custody of his own children? If it has something to do with getting a more favorable divorce settlement then maybe the children are better off with the crazy slut anyway because their dad is a balless coward.
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Ridiculous...Pain in the big toe....Is he paid or getting paid for all the BS??
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except for the Kaballah water thing and not being photographed with Guy, they just seem like a mom taking care of her kids and trying to protect them from the nastiness that comes along with a high profile divorce.

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Originally Posted by Maharlika View Post
Kaballah must be a very controlling cult.

No shit. It's like a Jewish Scientology with worse food. With some added hygiene issues ala Howard Hughes.
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