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Damn, the chest seems fine but those sweatshirts are so short.
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Yeah, the sleeves seem very short in the measurements for the sweat shirt. Is this just a Rickson thing? I really like my Rickson chambray, but the sleeves are about an inch too short.
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Short sleeves are in, get into it.
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its the era they are replicating. I don't get it either but I kinda like it.
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People had shorter arms 75 years ago. Trust me on this one..
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Whether or not I trust you, I wish the sleeves on these fit me as I like everything else about them a lot but think the short sleeves look stupid.
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The sleeves are meant to be pushed up. These are sweatshirts for the hard working American, fresh out of World War II and working on a Ford auto line. He doesn't want his cuffs to get dirty.
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here are the sweatshirts. emily will be posting pics!!
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Buzz Rickson's Sweatshirt is now available in regular ass sizes at Farinelli's!

For the intended shrunken fit, order your normal size.

For a relaxed fit, order one size up.

Buzz Rickson Four-Needle Sweatshirt in Grey, $150.
Made in Japan.
100% loop-wheeled cotton.
True vintage fit with shorter sleeves and length.
Four-needle, TUBE-Body construction and no side seams with lock stitch throughout.
Available in S, M, L, XL, XXL.

Order ?s: please send to Mauro's PM or email Buzz Rickson is not on sale!
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Originally Posted by Baron View Post
Yeah, the sleeves seem very short in the measurements for the sweat shirt. Is this just a Rickson thing? I really like my Rickson chambray, but the sleeves are about an inch too short.

guessing you wear a size too small. these are 40s and earlier patterns and the proportions are not like modern shirts. the shoulder seam should not be on or above your shoulder, but should have slightly more width between them than your shoulders are wide.
sleeves are generally wider all the way but the cuffs are often smaller in circumference and fairly snugg when buttoned.
if the sleeves are too short, you sized the shirt after the shoulder seams and made it look like a modern cut shirt.
problem is if you wear the correct size it wont fit with your modern cut clothing. thats why i dont wear new stuff.
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I probably could have gone to an XL in the chambay, it's true. It would have fit pretty loose in the body but I wouldn't have minded that in this style of shirt. I could have had a tailor take it in a little if it was a problem. I got the shirt a while back directly from Buzz Rickson and I don't think they had xl in stock at that time.
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Self Edge x Buzz Rickson Loopwheeled Crew-Neck Sweatshirts - RUM BATS!

A new take on the vintage military design of the Vampire Bats crew-neck sweatshirt originally reproduced by Buzz Rickson. Take from the design what you will... It holds true for us.

Available in limited numbers on Buzz Rickson's loopwheeled sweatshirts, the ultimate sweatshirt for those looking for a great fit from a super soft and warm fabric.

Buzz Rickson's Premium 1930's & 1940's all-cotton athletic sweatshirts are proof that yet there is still hope in finding simple basics made with the care that Toyo puts into producing these. Made from 13-ounce 100% cotton fabricated on 1920's-vintage loop-wheeling machines, styled with all the correct features found on the old sweatshirts and cut to hug the body in a flattering form without bulk just as the vintage originals did.

This is the real deal, meant for those who crave a slice of the good old days to perfectly compliment a pair of Japanese selvedge denim dungarees.

Modeled by Carl & Kixslf, shot by SidneyLo.

Available now in-store and in our online store in limited quantities. Along with the SEXBR sweatshirt we also now have grey sweatshirts which are blank:

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what about buzz rickson footwear? the m-42 service boots, specifically. sizing? comfort? durability?
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Does anybody know where I can find the Buzz Rickson White chambray shirt in a medium? The only place I saw it online was Selfedge but it's sold out. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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I've seen them on Hinoya, but for some reason can only find one with a stencil on the back.
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