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I saw this book at the library yesterday. They also advised against use of tie bars, and their sketch of a white tie outfit had the waistcoat extending below the tailcoat.
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Originally Posted by cuffthis View Post
By John Bridges and Bryan Curtis (2003)

- "A Gentleman sees that the cuffs of his trousers are no deeper than one and one-quarter inch" (p. 67)

And to think all these years I have been wearing 1 3/4" cuffs.

- "If a gentleman owns only one suit, it is navy, BLACK, or gray" (p. 72)

Guess they are not talking about one BUSINESS suit being black.

- "Although a gentleman's jacket may come equipped with four front buttons, he feels no necessity to button them all" (p. 73).

How many gentleman do you know who would even own or considering wearing a 4 button jacket, let alone think about how many to button?

- "There is no good excuse for wearing a white dinner jacket, anywhere, between Labor Day and Memorial Day" (p. 87)

And to think, all of those wonderful Lawrence Fellows drawings from Apparel Arts and Esquire, were wrong when they showed the Palm Beach crowd doing this in the 1930's.

- "A gentleman may not own his own dinner clothes, and he may not wish to rent them.........Instead, a gentleman may wish to invest in a good-quality black or midnight-blue suit, cut in an understated, classic style (that is, a style that does not involve top-stitching on the jacket or velvetten insets on the trouser legs). Absolutely appropriate for weddings, funerals, and romantic dinners, such a suit will also carry him through almost any semiformal occasion ("semiformal" being a euphemism for "black tie"). (p. 90)

Huh? Semiformal = black tie?

- "Whatever his profession, a gentleman does not attempt to mix his tailored suit with his tennis shoes" (p. 101).

Whew, glad that's clarified.

- "A gentleman never wears a belt when he is wearing suspenders" (p. 113)

If one is still at this point in terms of being a gentleman, I would suggest reading "How to be a Gentleman Farmer" by Frank Perdue

- "If a gentleman's shoes are some extraordinary color--such as red or blue--he wears a black belt, unless he can find a belt of precisely the same shade of red or blue" (p. 114).

And to think, I have 20+ pairs of brown and black shoes but no blue or red ones. What was I thinking?

I though the Internet was the only place that misinformation was prevelant...................................

The first is preference. The second is sketchy. The third, sixth and seventh are obviously correct, just low-hanging fruit. The fourth is debatable. The fifth is quite correct. The eighth is exaggerated, but basically sound. So, only three out of eight could possibly be construed as misinformation, yet these are supposedly the worst of the worst. Good effort, come again.
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Originally Posted by Manton View Post
"When a gentleman arrives at a private dinner party, he introduces himself to his hostess by saying 'Fuck you,' and striking her in the face."

This is a great idea. Here's one:
"Before taking a woman he has met home, a gentleman is sure to grind up a morning after pill in her last drink"
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