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Where does TM Lewin stand quality wise?

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I Came across their website for the first time, they have some really nice looking shirts. How is the quality? At that price point I'm guess they're probably in the same league as Charles Tyrwhitt (crappy) ?
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in th uk they are considered the cheaperst shirtmaker both in funds paid and quality received. They have a constant sale of shirts for 25 not expensive but very rarely would i consider buying from there unless it was an emergency
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Yeah, that's what I figured.
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They're not that bad, espcially for that price. Better than Tyrwhitt in my opinion, and a lot better than 99% of US makers, but admittedly not as nice as Coles, H&K, H&H, or T&A, etc.

The collars are a bit bigger than Tyrwhitt's.
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Their shirts are not bad. As mentioned, they have a perpetual sale. Their collars tend to shrink in washing and they are not very slim fit, but not the usual American tent size either. All told I think they are quite good for the price considering most competition and worth trying, especially since the pound sterling has dropped.
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TM Lewin is my favorite UK maker after Turnbull & Asser. The main draw for me is the fit - everything is just right for me and for the price there's no point in looking any further.
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Fit aside, how would CT and TM Lewin compare to BB?
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Originally Posted by AgentQ View Post
Fit aside, how would CT and TM Lewin compare to BB?
I haven't tried BB for a while, but they are both superior to BB shirts from a few years ago, IMO
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I have a few TM Lewin numbers, and have been fairly disappointed with the results. The quality is pretty decent, and are fairly weighty, but the fit (especially slim fit) for me is a long way off the mark. Saying that, I have a friend with a few and they fit him very well - the shops allow you try on all the different cuts and sizes, so give that a go if you're unsure (and over in the UK...). I've found Hawes & Curtis slim fit Brandon or Curtis shirts (double and single cuffed) the best on the high street - they retail higher, but will bring them down to £25 for sales quite often.
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I like them. They're quality is good for the price, they fit me well, deliver fast, are very responsive on email and are better quality than most of the shirts sold in department stores here in Melbourne at half the price.
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I like TM Lewin shirts. They fit me much better than the CT shirts, and for the price, are definitely good value for money. It depends on what you want from a shirt, I suppose ... They certainly aren't as good quality as T&A or some of the better Italian manufacturers like Truzzi, but then you're paying a fraction of the price. They're good for daily wear... I would try them out and see how you like them.
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Good quality for the price, better than high - street shops, have some, but after taking the plunge for Harvie and Hudson, I had stayed there!
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Defintitely better than CT and much better value than the hideously overpriced Thomas Pink. For people on a budget they're perfect. I've got one Lewin white herringbone that's lasted longer than any other shirt in my wardrobe.
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I like them too. Their slim fit is perfect for me off the rack, if you are shipping to the US, you save VAT, my last bunch of shirts on sale cost me under $40 per shirt shipped, though there was a delay due to some strange credit card question they had, and their customer service was not great. Once it was taken care of, I had the shirts in a week.

Quality seems pretty good, especially for that price point, there's not much you can do with a $37 shirt. Mine have held up well to washing, and far outperform my CT shirts.

There may still be a working discount code around here. Do a search.
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I just came back from London with 4 of their shirts (Slim fit) and do like the fit, style and quality very much. It fits much better than BB, and if you like the British designs, they have a variety of colors and designs to choose from (which is kind of hard to find in the US unless you go Pink or CT). I have not had a chance to try other Jerymn Street shirts, but these ones are just fine.

I also want to try H&H, which do 3 for 100 quid, but I cannot see slim fit shirts on their site. Does anyone have a link?

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