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Anyone have any experience with Eastland shoes? The Seneca model, in particular, looks . Hand-made in Freeport, ME since 1956 or something. Saw a few posts about it, but they were not particularly helpful. This is a thread dedicated to the brand. (DSW has the Seneca boots for the best price that I have found so far)
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Funny you post this now, I was just looking up their shoes yesterday. Apparently they're no longer made in the U.S.?
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+1 on the Seneca, looks like a high-top version of the LL Bean Blucher moc. If I hadn't just bought some similar YMC shoes/boots from Fok I would definately be interested.
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^ No way! I was just on their site yesterday, and it says that they are still manufactured in Freeport. Yes, look in "ABOUT US" on their website: Since 1955, our family-owned enterprise has been crafting \t\t\t\t\t\t\tclassic American shoes in the seaside city of Freeport, Maine. And we \t\t\t\t\t\t\tare proud of every shoe we package and send your way.
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There's conflicting info out there: (near the bottom)

I wonder who's right.

Stopped manufacturing shoes in the United States as of September 2001. They are all made outside USA. Still have some made in USA shoes in inventory, but not many. (per cust serv email 3-8-02)
"Our shoes are manufactured in carefully chosen factories around the world, with all of our shoes being produced in safe, healthy working environments." (per web site 3-7-02)
Ordered boots from Eastland Shoes but they were made in China. I am going to return them. (per US Stuff visitor email 1-28-02)
Up until past September, manufacturing shoes in Maine factory. After 46 years of making shoes domestically, now importing all shoes. (per Eastland Shoe cust serv email 1-23-02, per US Stuff visitor email 1-24-02)
Made in China. (per shoe labeling per US Stuff visitor email 1-24-02)
Warning!- Eastland Shoes decided some time ago to stop making shoes in the US (per US Stuff visitor email 11-14-01)
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Check out these, lightly used dead stock boots.

Apparently made in Maine. I was thinking about bidding on them (which is why I was looking up their shoes yesterday), but I'd rather just put $20 towards a pair of russells or something instead.

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^ that's what turned me on to the company. There is a pair of vingate Seneca boots in my size for $20 buy-it-now, but I have to pay for some resoling of a couple other shoes, so I have to pass; the seller has a gaggle of other vintage workboots that look mighty enticing.
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been looking for a pair of dirty bucks and was checking out the eastland bucks on zappos. seems like a decent option for around $65. anyone got these? wondering if the eastland or the ll beans one would be a better bet.
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This thread is funny because I used to despise Eastland, especially thier moc-toe variants back in the 90's when I was first introduced to them. Funny how now I don't understand why the hate at the time. Thy look like a nice looking shoe, which may be questionable now that they're a Chinese product (would need to purchase to know).
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Hey, what do you think of their Falmouth shoes, which is truly an LL Bean blucher moc look-alike?

Just for the record, Bass now has brought back their own version of said shoe too -- called the Camp.
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Anyone familiar with the Eastland Lumber Up boot?


Looks exactly like the Red Wing moc toe boots, but half the price.

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anyone have any info on the eastland 1955 jackson boot?  sizing / quality/ whatever

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