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Some nice slacks/suits picked up for forum members

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Picked up the following (let me know if you want any of these, and I will give them to you at the same price I paid, plus shipping): Zegna F/Front sz 33 navy trousers: $90 Luciano Barbera Calvary Twill F/Front sz 40 (gorgeous): $155 Incotex 2-rev-plt sz 36 Navy trousers: $135 Canali sz 42R Navy 3-button SB blazer: $400 G. Isaia various colors/patterns sz. 42-46 suits, between $1000-$1600, let me know what size you are and I can give you a better description, I bought about 7 of them. I will be posting pics as soon as I find my digital camera. Everything is brand new with tags. All pants are unfinished. Also, if you are a certain size, let me know if you are looking for something and I can see what I can come up with for you. I bought a ton of stuff. PM me if you are interested in any of the above. If I have no interest in the next few days, I'm just gonna put em up on ebay.
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Um, LP... Did you tip your server? Jeepers, whoever helped you today had a nice commisison check at closing time, huh? Nice finds.
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Yeah, my plastic was screaming, as was my girlfriend, but I sent her off to some other sale at Luis Vuitton, so I think she had fun too (according to the size of her bags, at least). Anyway... I just wanted to share the love with everyone on the forum. People have been so helpful, everything from telling me I could get away with a DB suit (which I have always wanted), to helping my girlfriend plan her jacket line and find mills and tailors, and also help us plan our trip to Milan in a month (Thanks, Chuck and Ron.), and even picked up a pair of great wingtips (Thanks again Ron) and some beautiful ties and shirts (Thanks again Chuck.). ANyway, I've rambled enough.
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I'd be interested in seeing pics of the Barbera trousers...
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I should have the pics of the trousers in about an hour or two. Would you prefer that I am post them in this thread, or PM them to you?
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What suits do you have in a 42?
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I've got an Isaia Navy Pinstripe in 42R, at $1450, I believe. I will double-check that shortly. Here's some pics of the Barbera trousers (cheap digital camera shows images greener at bottom, but remember that sheet in background is pure white). The last image is probably the most accurate when it comes to color:
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When is someone gonna pick us small guys up some 36 jackets/suits and >30 waist pants? Generous of you though LP. I've never been on such a friendly homely forum.
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Man, 36's are almost impossible to find anywhere. Most stores don't stock that size, they only order when someone says they need one. Here are the pics of the Zegna and Incotex. Forgive the poor quality, my camera is junk. ZEGNA (these pants are a charcoal/navy color, the pics are a bit off on color): INCOTEX (a deep navy):
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