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"Mr. O'Neal des not duplicate"

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Funny story in the Miami Herald today. Shaq is going to the All Star game in Denver, and instead of taking clothes, he called his personal tailor, Lamar Gayles of Chicago, and had him make him a whole new wardrobe for the weekend. "Mr. O'Neal des not duplicate," Gayles said. Gayles has 5 tailors working exclusively on the O'Neal account. Gayles made up the clothes, flew to Denver to meet them, and then will go and lay out all the outfits in Shaq's hotel room. he made 5 suits and 2 chincilla coats as well as several casual outfits. Other tidbits: It takes 7 1/4 yards to make a suit for Shaq. He wears size 22EEE shoes, which his neighbor Donald Pilmer has made for him special in Tuscany.
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That's interesting, although "does not duplicate" is somehow an obnoxious way of phrasing it.
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I read the article on the Herald's website.  While I am a fan of sartorial splendor in all forms, I can't help but wonder if behavior like that makes any sense.  Shaq's got to have something better to spend his money on, and besides, shouldn't he be able to pay a valet to pack his clothes just as easily as paying tailors to constantly construct brand-new outfits?
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Consider that this article has everything to do with what Publicists are about and is only slightly related to Shaq's preference for having clothes tailored instead of packing. The purpose of a publicist is to get their client's name in front of the public, to maintain the attention of the public. Do you think that Mr. O'Neal never packs a suitcase? Really? He very possibly already wanted to have some clothes tailored and this story turned it into something worthy of media attention. Mr. O'Neal is no fool. Markus
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