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Congratulations. Now the real learning in your life begins.
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congratulations!! beutiful. how big?
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Thanks guys !

GT - Leo was 6 lbs and Sam was 5 lbs 5 oz at birth.
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Mazaltov!! What a wonderful Hannukah gift you've received. Both my daughters were born on Hannukah (3 yrs apart) and it's a wonderful way to celebrate each year. Hope everyone is feeling well and adjusting.

As for the feelings: the euphoria slowly subsides but the joy never goes away as every day brings something new that makes you enjoy them even more - even if you thought that wasn't possible.

Meilleurs voeux de sante et bonheur pour les nouveaux venus dans la famille G.

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congrats sir!
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no. went to my 8 year old's xmas concert and i could not have been more proud and happy.

Originally Posted by gdl203 View Post
Wow - what a ride! ... and it's only the start of it all.

Please say hi to Sam and Leo

Another question for seasoned fathers out there: does this feeling of joy ever go away?
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They're not identical right?
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Another piece of advice (from a son) is to really be their friend from the get go, rather than just the head of the household/provider that commands/demands respect. This kinda goes along with someone else's suggestion of being involved in all their activities.
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awesome. Congratulations Greg and to Mrs DL203, and welcome to the world Sam and Leo
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Congrats Greg, I'm really happy for you!!
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Congratulations Greg. Good looking kids. Wish you all health and happiness
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Congratulations and after 8 years the feeling still hasn't gone away.
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Thanks all - I'll pass the welcome words to the boys.

EL - no they're not and they actually don't look much alike IRL. For the moment, Leo looks more asian and Sam looks more caucasian. - but their faces seem to change a little every day.
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Congratulations! Nice big boys - now the fun starts....
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