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Digital camera recommendations

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I'm looking for a digital camera that I can shoot photos with and easily download them to my laptop. I like the kind that you can preview the image and shoot a do-over if you don't like it. This would be wonderful for cataloging the wardrobe and such. Was wondering if anyone had recommendations.
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What are you looking for, I am getting ready to sell a great camera, Sony Mavica 4.0 with 3 batteries for $495.
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What are you looking for, I am getting ready to sell a great camera, Sony Mavica 4.0 with 3 batteries for $495.
That's probably a bit more than I need. I just want a simple camera for family vacations, wardrobe catalouging and other stuff. Something I can use to shoot a photo of my kid, download to the hard drive and email to Grandma and Grandpa. Or something I can shoot a photo of my suit and email the photo to Chan so they can see how it needs to be altered, etc.
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Try the Nikno Coolpix 3100, I think that is the number, small lightwieght and easy to down load from. Great value, I have one for quick pics, you can see some of the pictures on the Grenson page.
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I purchased a Nikon CoolPix 5400 a few months ago. It is an awesome piece of equipment. It can be a dumbed-down point-and-click, or a fully manual "near-professional" tool. I've been using Nikon film cameras since 1976; this is my first Nikon digital. I've tried Canon, Olympus, Sony and Minolta digicams and the 5400 is head and shoulders above the lot. A $200 rebate ought to put it in the $250-300 range net. You'll not be disappointed in your purchase.
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Nikons are excellent - I have a D100. However, I also have 3 Fuji cameras, and recommend them without hesitation. My latest is the F610 Zoom - 6MP and the usual fantastic Fuji colour saturation. I bought it refurbished from Fuji - absolutely as new, and a 12 month warranty, for around half the shop price - worth looking at. I would also investigate Samsung cameras; good features and good quality.
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I have the Nikon 5400 as well, and I like it a lot. If you have a Costco membership, buy one there and if you decide you don't like it, you can return it o questions asked. I would recommend buying a 1GB card for it (about $90) which will hold many, many pictures, and an extra battery or two. A nice thing about the 5400 is that it will use a lithium camera battery so if you get stranded without your charger you can go to a camera shop and pick up a temp. replacement.
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I would make sure to check out for information on many digital cameras. It gets pretty technical for someone interested in point-and-shoot only, but the advice is sound, and there are usually galleries showing pictures taken with the specific camera in different situations. They don't have EVERY camera available, but most of the major names commercially available, from pocket sized to DSLR and prosumer. Incredibly helpful stuff.
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