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Antonio maurizi

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A friend sent me some nice shoe-porn pictures of this maker. What is his origin?
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Thracozaag, my eyebrows were raised when I saw your post with the title "Antonio Maurizi" I have a pair that I absolutely love and have gotten a few compliments on from complete strangers. The style reminds me of some of the Mezlan shoes, with contrasting stiching and a sort of square toe. I once posted a question in this form reguarding whether or not others have experience with these shoes, but no one responded. Anyhow, the shoes I believe were part of the Gordon Rush make that Nordstrom carries. However, they are not listed on their site anymore, and I have not been able to find any information about the company. Nevertheless, I am kicking myself for not buying my Maurizi's in the tan color as well. The prices were very reasonable too; I think my pair was in the nieghborhood of $250.
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The pics that I received were of some very nice looking shoes, ala Lattanzi (they were even signed inside).
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Mine as well are signed inside. I would also like to strongly encourage ANYONE on this forum to please share your thoughts or experiences if you have Maurizi shoes as well. They seem much harder to find then say Allen Edmonds or Ferragamo's. Does anyone know where I can find them besides Nordstrom?
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Which Nordstrom's did you purchase yours?
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I purchased mine at the Nordstroms in San Mateo, CA (half hour south of SF).  I went back to inquire about the same model I had (Corleone) because I wanted to get it in the tan color (I have them in black).  Unfortunately, they were sent off to the rack stores.  I proceeded to hunt for them at a couple rack stores in the bay area, the second one in San Francisco.  I did find them in the tan model that I wanted, but unfortunately they were a size 40 and I am a 42.  I did try them on but they were just a little bit too small.  Very unfortunate because everything else was just right...
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Only on Japanese google did I find any information on Antonio Maurizi. A number of shops stock these shoes. A website "Promoting Italy" (in Japan) gave me this address: Via Montolmo 70 62014 Corridonia (MC) 39 07 33 292 382 39 07 33 281 615 (I presume Tel. & Fax) Contact: Mauro Andreozzi Looking for the web site: it is "opening soon" (we know how long that sometimes takes). I could not find a single shoe shop outside of Japan listing Maurizi under their brands, nor did Italian google come up with "Antonio Maurizi calzature". I believe very much Maurizi is a brand invented for the Japanese market. According to the entry their output is 500 pairs per day (Edward Green 50 pairs). If they produce these quantities, they really should be better known.
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I hate to rain on this parade, but I've seen a LOT of Maurizi shoes at Nordstrom Rack stores. Antonio Maurizi shoes are designed to look just like a top-end Italian shoe like Mantellassi or Santoni or Lattanzi. They do a pretty good job - the lasts are nicely shaped, the antique finish, while painted on, looks pretty good, and they do a nice looking facsimile of a hand-stitched (Norwegian) construction. Plus the aforementioned hand-signed insole covers. That being said, they are not actually top-quality handsewn shoes. Compare them closely with a Mantellassi or Santoni and you will see what I mean.   Retail is appx. $295 a pair in Nordstroms, San Francisco store. They are usually $75-$100 at Nordstrom Rack. I wouldn't buy them at that price, but then again, I do NOT need more shoes   I wouldn't hesitate to wear some of the models if I got them for $25-$50 though. At $75-$100 they aren't a bad deal for guys that need shoes.
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Thanks for the info, gentlemen. Once again, I am amazed at your shoe acumen. Too bad, for a second there, I was really getting quite excited *sigh*.
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Hey, so they are not the real thing. I think we all know that when you only pay a couple hundred dollars. But big deal. They still look nice.
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I am quite interested in getting this pair of Maurizis. At $280, does it seem to be a good deal or is it just too overpriced? From the looks of it, they seem to be well made and the quality of leather looks fine too. But I am not an expert on shoes. Would really appreciate some expert advice on these.

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