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The perfect navy blazer

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Well, I spent all day today looking for the perfect navy blazer and can not find it. I went to a local place called Mario's, which carries Kiton, Canali, Brioni, Barbera, Zegna, Prada, etc and they didn't have a single navy blazer I found acceptable. All they showed me, it seems, were various suit jackets. So many of the blazers I looked at today just looked silly or cheap. I'm unsure of whether to stick with a 3-button SB, or go for it and get a DB. Is DB too formal? Will it lose the versatility of a SB? The only blazer I've found that I really liked was this: http://www.polo.com/product/index.jsp?productId=1784726 but I'm not sure what it would actually look like since they buttoned the goddam bottom button in the pic (why do they do that?), and I'm not sure that it's worth the price. Anyone have a blazer they love? Something versatile, classy and a true classic blazer?
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2-button single in a hopsack weave is IMHO the one I like. Oxxford does this particularly well
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Linux, wait and save your money for Italy. If you're going to Italy , you will find amazing clothes there. I was there 2 weeks ago, everything on sale 30-50% off. I don't know how long the sales last but in any case, Italy will be a wonderland for you.
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Actually... the sales there are regulated, nationwide 'official' sales in January. May be over in March but check the market mentioned on Saturday Via Papiniano I think - (mentioned in your other thread). Bring cash as most don't have a credit card machine and they will make deals. Expect to talk them down 20% or so. Once found a Luciano Barbera cashmere blend suit there for $150 Euros brand new, some Borrelli shirts NIB for $20.... You have to know what you are looking for, there is a lot of crap but some hidden gems.
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Hey Chuck... And you said on the phone you had some blazers/suits coming in... anything like what you described in a 38R or thereabouts?
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I bought a Brioni 2B SB Standard Blue Blazer Gold Buttons as my first. Pretty nice, the gorge is kind of bigger than i'd like but it works fine. Just the big ass B letter on the buttons are kind of a distraction.
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Two years ago, I too was in search of the perfect navy blazer.  Looked everywhere in NYC for one, but each one I saw failed to meet my vision.   Then, on a trip to Paris, out of the blue I found it: three buttons, side-vents, light shoulder padding, Loro Piana fabric.  It was a wee bit more expensive than I would have liked, but it is a purchase I do not regret making, as I feel and look great everytime I wear that blazer. So Europe may indeed have what you are looking for.  
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2-button single in a hopsack weave is IMHO the one I like.  Oxxford does this particularly well
I have this one too (echo-do I hear an echo?). The hopsack weave gives it a lot of interest through the texture and my alterations tailor was very impressed by Oxxford's construction. Bought on Ebay for about $450.
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Is double-breasted 'too formal' for a guy who wears a vest and a bowler hat?  probably not. Would this one fit you, by any chance? http://cgi.ebay.com/ws....18&rd=1
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I wish I was a 40R, it would make my life so much easier. I am a 38R. When I wear 40R, it is too large in the chest, and looks silly. Thanks for the links, however. That Brioni silk DB blazer was nice. Chuck - I can't even find an Oxxford hopsack blazer online anywhere. Have any ideas?
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Hey Chuck... And you said on the phone you had some blazers/suits coming in... anything like what you described in a 38R or thereabouts?
Yeah - shooting about 2-3 dozen Oxxford items right now to put on ebay. THink we have some 38-39 stuff by Oxxford and Canali in this bunch. Some Brioni and Kiton as well... once it's all ready I'll post links in buying/selling to it.
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Ok, we do have one in a hopsack 39. Will link later. Have another that is a Super 150's but that one is 44L. Call me old fashioned but in some ways I like the hopsack better. Too bad you aren't a 48-50, we haver some super 150's oxxfords and some pure cashmere oxxford suits that are ...nice.
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