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I have : De Fursac Cerruti Lanvin Faconnable Holland&holland Burberry Romeo Gigli Gianfranco Ferre Montana Dior Trussardi Holliday&Brown (thanks Mister Pollock) Brioni (thanks M.P.) Paul Smith (thanks M.P.) Kilgour, French and Stanbury (thanks M.P.) Balenciaga My favorite colors are : Blue Burgundy Red Orange Pink Grey My favorite patterns are : Stripes Plain Geometric Dots
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Wow, that's a toughie. Let's see... American: Robert Talbott (regular & Best of Class); Brooks Brothers; RL Purple Label; NH 1888 (ie, Nick Hilton); Ike Behar; XMI; Custom Shop; Ben Silver; J Crew; Eddie Bauer; Burma Bibas; Tommy Bahama British: Drake's; Richard James; Holliday & Brown; Ede & Ravenscroft; Gieves & Hawkes; Charles Hill; Ted Baker; Atkinson's; Liberty Italian: Carlo Franco (or should that be American?); ETRO; Gucci; Enrico Coveri (Easter tie); Altea; Zegna French: Breuer; Hermes Bows: Hanauer; Beau Ties; Bow Tie Club; Brooks Brothers; Land's End; Harrod's (Michelson's?) I'm sure I left out something.
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Lots of nice ones, but not a single seven-fold.
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Bvlgari Kiton Attolini Italo Ferretti Bizzochi Brioni Zegna napoli Stefano Ricci Isaia Borrelli koji (STSD)
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Charvet, Hermes, Brooks Brothers, J.Press, Ben Silver, Richard James, Paul Smith, Jim Thompson, Thomas Pink, and a few private label.
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Nicky, Marinella, Drake's, Charles Hill. I have others, but those are my favorites.
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How is Marinella? I was tempted to buy one at the last BG sale. koji
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Bvlgari Kiton Attolini Italo Ferretti Bizzochi Brioni Zegna napoli Stefano Ricci Isaia Borrelli
Yes, but do you like the Italians?
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I generally don't like prints, but I love Marinella prints. The silk is nice and thick and heavy. It's also a tighter, "dryer" weave than the typical Hermes twill, or even than Drakes. Great, full knots. Beautiful bottle shape. I want one bespoke, but I'll be damned if I'm going to pay $250 for one. That will have to wait for my next trip to Italy, where the price is more like 90-100 euros.
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I was tempted to buy one at the last BG sale.
I thought the deal Marinella had with BG was, No Sales. I could be wrong. But I have never seen a Marinella tie on sale there. If you do, I should think it would be very tempting ...
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I own several Tino Cosma Ties....Relatively cheap and they are somewhat limited in production. A few Ferragamo in bright colours and fun print....same quality as Hermes but at least 25% cheaper.
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Donna Karan Collection (from highschool) Charles Tyrwhitt (from college) Random singles... Four in Hand Ted Baker Countess Mara Turnbull & Asser Ferragamo Thomas Pink The bulk... (in descending order of quantity) Dunhill Cifonelli Oxxford Barney's House Label Joseph Abboud I guess I don't feel too married to one country of origin, though I would be 70/30 Italian/Anglo in an ideal world (contemplating stealing the Bizzochi ties I bought for my dad, 3 Xmas' ago).
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Richard James Hilditch & Key (handmade) Holliday & Brown (silk, wool and cashmere) Drake's Turnbull & Asser Charvet Hilditch & Key (machine made) Hermes Ferragamo Valentino Tyrwhitt (1 cashmere) Burberrys (yes, the old one, in gold crocheted silk) Polo Ferre
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My favorites are Nicky Bizzocchi Brioni 1/2 of my ties are from those 3 companies. The rest are R.T B.O.C Barbera T&A Zegna (all cotton/silk blends) Kiton Ben Silver Ike Behar Jay Kos (from 96 or 97 when he had them made in the U.S) Facconable Prochownik Herzfeld
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How do you like the Prochownick? TJMaxx had a ton of them last year, but I never got around to pulling the trigger on buying one.
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