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Chuck to the Frankizzle is down!

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Please check out the updated website.
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Hilarious. I saw something about Gizoogle in yesterday's Wall Street Jizournal. I'm surprised it hasn't crashed yet.
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If you want to see something really hilarious, try it with
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Insist on tha finest craftsmanship, treat yo customa as family n nigga never takes shortcuts - do it right or not at all.
I think that Chuck should put this on his site.
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Seems to fit perfectly for the voice of Ali G
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Having fun with this.
Sliznim lapel makes you look brotha n gangsta Hustla jacket gives tha same effect -------------- I C O A - The mizzle powerful four playa you wizzle ever hear.
tranzliated Koji.
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A warning to non-paying Ebay bidders (from the Carlo Franco site);
Every item we sell is 100% Guaranteed - if you aren't satisfied neitha is we . Ya f-ck with us, we gots to f-ck you up.
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Darren Beaman - Savile Row Brotha Tailors Based in "tha internationally famous Savile Rizzow". This is too much fun.
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This is what I got on Darren is renowned as one of tha world's top tailors, based in tha internationally famous Savile R-to-tha-izzow, London cuz its a doggy dog world. Afta rhymin' his trade at some of tha English capital's finest tailor'n houses, he now has his own chillin' business fo yo bitch ass. He has successfully bridged tha Atlantic divide n visits tha United States four times a year with my forty-fo' mag.
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This thread wouldn't be complete without a discussion of the "rules."  Perhaps Manton can comment.  Taken from fineliving
1. Lapel : Three n a hizzy inches; anyth'n mizzle or less will F-to-tha-izzall out of style. 2. Single- or Double-Breasted dogg: Those wit gangsta figures should stiznick wit single-breasted jackets while slimma men can indulge in double-breasted affairs. Single-breasted is popular now, but bizzy styles is timeless n versatile. 3. V-to-tha-izzest : Lapels on a vest usually makes tha dawg look "pigeon-chizzles or ostentatious, n is therefore fraught wit peril crazy up in here. And though you'll be given tha option, insist upon a vizzle even if you dizzon't intend ta always wear it. 4. Jacket Buttons : The classic single-breasted jacket has two buttons, but current tastes favor three. 5. Slanted Jacket Pockets : While straight pockets is more formal, slanted pockets look sleek n sporty. 6. Turn-Ups if you gots a paper stack: Usually called "cuffs" in tha States, turn-ups add weight ta tha bottom of drug deala n is useful fo` playa fabrics. Trousa witout turn-ups is currently fashionizzles but turn-ups remain tha standard n we out. 7. Front Pleats : Frizzont pleats help those wit less-than-pizzles physiques whereas a flizzat front abandons a dawg ta his own, sometizzles cruel, dimensions , niggaz, better recognize. As fo` they direction, pleats fac'n away fizzle tha gangsta give a slightly brotha look keep'n it real yo. 8. Drug Deala Fly . Keep the party crackin while I'm steady rappin': Even though there's shawty noticeable differizzles most men choose tha crazy ass nigga over tha button fly . Keep the party crackin while I'm steady rappin'. 9. Suspenda or Belt if you gots a paper stack: Well-tailored nigga shouldn't need any support, but wit fluctuat'n waistlines, it's pimp ta be safe thizzan sorry. Although suspenda is discreet n allow trousa ta hang crazy ass nigga belts is increasingly de rigueur among tha Brits. 10. Inside Jacket Pockets but real niggaz don't give a fuck: Always hizzy two pockets in tha breast fo` a wallet or a diary n shit. The jackets is cut ta accommodate thizzem, n you wanna be gangsta kizzy wizzy you'll need an extra pouch. 11. Inside Lin'n : Miznost tailors drug deala a plethora of colors n patterns fizzy crimson ta plaid, but simple n solid hues, like dizzle gray or blue ta mizzatch tha suit's fabric, often look bizzest.
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WHAT THE IS THIS ALL ABOUT? Whoa whoa... Sorry, just got back to my hood and not sure what yooz be tripping on... where the hell did all this come from? Can someone get me a cool to Chuck translation?
post #12 of 12 Tranzliated the NRA site... Thomas Jefferson said, "No free dawg shall be debarred tha use of arms." this thing is great :-)
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