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What Are Your Top Polo Brand Favorites?

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What up guys, how's everyone doing?

I was just wondering what the general consensus on the hottest polos in the marketplace today are.. what's on your top ranking polo list?

I personally think RL + Lacoste are still securing the top spots..
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Don't know about "hottest" but I like Loro Piana for polos. Nice fabrics, last ages, comfy fit without being baggy and not too in your face with the branding. I think there have been several other threads on this topic if you search the board, but probably not too recently.
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John Varvatos Star USA. They're cut perfect with shorter sleeves and shorter length, plus a slightly smaller collar. It looks much nicer than my Lacoste polos.
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Is this restricted to cotton pique, branded polos?

If so, I prefer Fred Perry over Lacoste. I don't wear my RL anymore, as they're too long to give me a good fit (I believe most European polos are cut shorter than the American ones).

For more dressy polos, I like Brunello Cucinelli and am thinking about geting a Sunspel.
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Fred Perry

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My top favourites currently are J. Crew Tailored Fit and Uniqlo.
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Uniqlo, RL Custom Fit

Both get bonus points for zero shrinkage after washing/drying. Also a nice slim fit for thin people. I would like to buy some Loro Piana and Fred Perry to see if the fit is actually as slim as these, or if its along the vein of "Brooks Brothers Slim Fit" which is actually a less baggy fit, but still baggy.

Some European designers make decent slim fit polos, for example Armani. But I find these to be way overpriced for the quality, so generally a bad buy.
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