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The beach is distinctly immodest. All those people with no business being unclothed are going about in skimpy costume.
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I am red-blooded enough to appreciate a bikini on a bikini-appropriate figure. Unfortunately, a great many bikinis and much other revealng, immodest apparel are worn by precisely those who should not be wearing them. I think that people of either sex who do not have excellent bodies should not reveal them in public. There is probably much to be said for Sator's campaign to have the lounge suit be relegated back to the status of "beachwear." It would be a big improvement for most men.
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Do they even make corsets for men nowadays?
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So how does a corset affect someone who has a 34in chest and 26 in waist?
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Yes, they're still made. Supposedly sales of them (generally not called "corsets") have surged in the past few years.
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They are called girdles, or support belts. You can also get them bespoke, but that would cost a lot.
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I recall a local corset designer mentioned in my old copy of San Francisco Bizarro.

A quick search reveals business is still booming:


Good news for potential customers!

"Meet corsetiere Jade Locke at her corset exhibit, Fall Harvest Festival - Kansas City - Nov. 4-7,
and on Sat. Nov. 22 join us at San Francisco's Corset Soiree (Fairmont Hotel, San Francisco)"

Three reviews on yelp:

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