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Go Daddy Commercial

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It's the commercial that has everybody talking. While sitting before Salem's fictional Broadcast Censorship Committee to demonstrate a proposed dance routine promoting Internet registrar GoDaddy.com, a sexy model suffers a series of wardrobe malfunctions. Her slipping strap is so hot one lawmaker requires an oxygen mask. Fox, after receiving complaints from the NFL, pulled the parody ad before it ran a second time during the Super Bowl, replacing it with an ad for The Simpsons instead. Seeing the sexy model shake her stuff for the Committee, astute Playboy fans immediately recognized the gifted actress to be Candice Michelle, a sultry Cyber Girl of the Week from June 2002. If you thought her GoDaddy ad was sexy, you won't believe Candice's performance for Playboy's cameras. Click here to view unedited version that did not make TV.
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best commercial ever
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The people who are offended by human sensuality should be removed from humanity.
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I just think she is hot...i would post some picks, but J might boot me for that...but these are hramless
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The problem with satire is that too many people don't get it. The whole "I'm a broadcaster and I'm so upset by this filth" is such a crock of ****. Broadcasting has lowered the public discourse by getting rid of Broadcast Standards departments--they knew they were courting trouble with interest groups and the FCC, but they did it anyway. Now they're trying to pretend that they really care. The only thing they answer to is the quarterly profits report and the resulting impact on the stock price.
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