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If the phone is small enough you can tuck it into the fifth pocket on your jeans (provided you are wearing jeans.) That's what I do...
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Puffy windbreaker jackets with massive 'TOMMY' logo on the back.
What about the puffy black North Face jackets?  It seemed like every girl at my college had one, as well as many of the guys.
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Wearing suit and other patterned vests with jeans and t-shirts. Think Beverly Hills 90210. Just awful - I didn't buy into that one even when it was en vogue.
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Oh yes, I remember these. I had a number of odd vests and used them alot - seemed like a good idea at the time. Pastel coloured shirts came into vogue for a year or two. I was a bit tempted although I didn't go for them. On the PDA matter, I have an Ericson P900 and have been forced to use a belt clip most of the time. It's really too bulky for a jacket's inside pocket. It looks awfull but I'm stuck with this phone for the next few months so I'll have to make the best of it. B
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Great thread. Definitely have to agree with the following: 1) Grunge look. Flannel shirts and jeans. I was a huge A&F fan from about '93 to '95, just as I was wrapping up college. Still have the flannels, and I still wear them kicking around on the weekends sometimes. A&F had good quality back then, but went suddenly downhill about the middle of the decade. 2) 90210 look. Never really participated in that. The character Chandler on Friends appears to be still into that look. 3) From my time on Wall Street, the slicked back hair look was big. Went through tons of hair goop on that one. 4) The dot com look had its roots in the nineties. Suit with a black turtleneck being the classic there for the upper echelon of dot commies and VCs. I have to confess I still pull that look out of the wardrobe every now and then. M#4
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doesn't "casual business attire" count? And the rise of the dark merino wool polo shirt/sweater with white t-shirt underneath?
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It was recently reported that the Grunge look was actually a conspiracy instigated by ugly people to make the attractive look so terrible that the genetically challenged would have a better chance to steal our women. Do not fall for that.
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