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90's fashion fad

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My lovely wife and I were recently talking about fashion fads. we could easily think of several mens fads in the 80's. Like the thin leather tie with piano keys. But we could not think of a single fad from the 90's. Now I know us men are less fadish, but there must be some silly fashion fads from the 90's. Can anyone think of any?
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The Regis look comes to mind.
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People wearing lots of black?
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Capris for men (thankfully, never really caught on); mandals (again, never really caught on); drawstring pants, including dress pants (say what?);all things rave. This are really trends rather than fads though. Minimalism does not lend itself well to fads. I expect that, looking back on the first decade of the 21st century, with the return to fashion of cufflinks, hats, western belt buckles, etc... there will be a a lot of shaking of heads and exclamations of "say what?"
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In the early nineties there was the fad of "rolling" one's jeans.  I am somewhat proud that though I was sometimes ridiculed by my classmates(who all did it) I never did it...and the fad eventually died.
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I think one of the most hilarious fads of the 90's was back when rap was rearing its giant head, so you had all of these people with clothes large enough to smuggle compact cars* in. Also, MC Hammer's parachute pants. *cocaine
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Also, MC Hammer's parachute pants.
In the early nineties there was the fad of "rolling" one's jeans
I would definately say both were definately 80's fads.
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I would definately say both were definately 80's fads.
My memories of the 80's involve me being in elementary school and eating Apple Jacks. I can't remember how people dressed back then, but the music was definitely catchy.
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Mobile gadgets on belts?
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Mobile gadgets on belts?
This begs the question of how to carry such mobile gadgets.  For me, I need at least a cell phone for work.  I use to carry a small cell phone in my front pants pocket, but the bulge is quite noticeable on a well-tailored pair of pants and the wear on the material outside the pocket around the outline of the phone is greatly accelerated.  I'd really prefer to avoid wearing it on my belt, but what other choices do I have left? dan
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I'd really prefer to avoid wearing it on my belt, but what other choices do I have left?
Get one of those very compact, lightweight phones (they are getting smaller and smaller all the time, although the model I carry is a clunker) and wear in your inside jacket pocket. If the phone is small enough and the jacket well-tailored, it shouldn't make a bulge any more than your billfold. Failing that, carry it in your briefcase or messenger bag.
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I gotta second Laxbuddah, the whole grunge thing was a ninties fad. You can thank Pearl Jam and Nirvana for that. Unfortunatly, some people I know haven't realized that grunge has been over since Kurt Cobain died. They're not construction workers (the people who should be wearing the flannel shirts and work boots) either, but guys who think they're rock stars.
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What about the schmatte? I think that may have been late 80's early 90's... As far as mobile gadgets, I tried the Dockers mobile pant, but felt like an idiot zipping and unzipping everywhere and pulling out PDA, keys, pager, phone, etc... I felt like a magic hat gone very, vey wrong... so out those went. I tried getting an all in one phone/pda etc. but they're too bulky and felt that they never got the aesthetics or functionality of either device completely ironed out. So, I've gone with the smallest device I could find in each category and went with the inside chest pocket. I also picked up a Jack Spade back a while back b/c they had side panel zipped pockets for cell, pda, and audio player (which includes a small port for headphones). Easy convenient access to all the toys w/o the extra lump in the jacket or trou.
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Aside from grunge, I can only remember: Nike Air Jordans, and high-topped sneakers in general. 4/5/6 button suits - usually unvented and made of microfiber. Puffy windbreaker jackets with massive 'TOMMY' logo on the back.
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