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It's all about context, I think. I don't wear suits to play baseball. Choosing to wear something that is certain to alienate many, if not most, observers is a pretty strong signal of intent. There's "dressing slightly better than the crowd" and then there's "being unable or unwilling to play well with others."
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i understand what you mean about ascots being over the top. there were 2 times that i was contemplating wearing one to church. all for me to chicken out and pull it off at the last second. but i could do it at church, these folks have known me most, if not all, of my life. school, i see different. a lot of people know me and know that i'm a big goof (i guess that's a good name for it). but still, if i wore one to school, people would be like "why is that fat kid wearing a scarf? he must be in the 'limp wrist clique'". so, you're right.
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Im only looking to wear one when I go out with my friends, who already know how I dress. Honestly, a part of wearing clothes for me is getting peoples attention, whether it be positive or negative. I can afford them, its just the principle of the matter, just like I would have issues paying 90$ for a tie. Anyway, if someone calls me gay, I can respond by criticizing what they are wearing, shrugging and laughing it off because truth be told, I don't give a shit what they think.
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Originally Posted by free man View Post
I don't give a poo-poo what they think.

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Mary from the Mondaitalia ebay store sells ascots for USD1.50. I've never bought one of her ascots, but her ties have been top-notch for their cost. At that price, you may as well get 10, and get free shipping! I say go for it.
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The Syms near me has ascots
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Originally Posted by ComboOrgan View Post
The Syms near me has ascots
Ascots or neckerchiefs?
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Originally Posted by LabelKing View Post

Just don't add a monocle unless you really know what you're doing.

And even then...
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In my closet I currently have three ascots, one from H. Hertzfield (NYC), one from Paul Stuart, and one from Brooks Brothers.

Back in my mid 20's I sported ascots on weekends, in NYC.

I say give it a try. It's all part of one's private sartorial journey/experimentation.
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Originally Posted by KObalto View Post
Ascots or neckerchiefs?

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I would like to put in a thought as a college student myself. I think it is a very good way to add a bit of flair without breaking the casual nature of college. I personally always wear collared shirts, and either a vest or a sweater, depending on the weather, and most of the time, at least until it gets very cold, a corduroy jacket. The ascot, by not being knotted like a tie, and by being tucked into the shirt, can bring class without seeming particularly out of place. I do similar things with a scarf, being a voice major, and have been mistaken for wearing an ascot because I had a scarf tucked into a sweater. And to the earlier comment about being regarded as a homosexual if one wears an ascot I replay: it is far to subtle and nowhere near flamboyent enough, at least for the crowd I have encountered.
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Im wearing one today, but in all honestly, I waited until my 40th birthday (this year), and I have a good amount of gray hair.

I think in college, it would be difficult...
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I had a blue polka dot ascot that I bought as Syms and wore with a dress shirt and a crew neck sweater. I tried wearing it with a shirt and jacket and never could quite pull it off. I am sure that there are some ascot wearers who do not look completely pretentious but I am not one of them! Good luck.
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So any places to get some interesting ones online?
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Do a web search for Beau Ties Ltd., whom I recommended early in this thread. You can order online from them.
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