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C&J Sizing

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It's bonus time and I think I am going to treat myself to a pair of C&J Weymouths. I have read conflicting posts about whether to drop 1/2 size or 1 whole size from American for the C&J's. I normally wear an 11D in most dress shoes. Do I need a 10.5E or a 10E? Thanks.
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Based on my experience with two handgrade pairs, one in 6E and one in 6.5E UK (I'm 7D American), I'd say go for the larger one.
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So you think I should go with a 10.5E? Did you order from plal? If so, did you fax your order or did you order over the phone? For those in the U.S., how long does it take to receive shoes from plal?
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Here's the exchange I had with C&J a while back.   ************* I've worn some of the shoes you've made for Ralph Lauren Polo in size 10.5D for the USA market, and would like to get others that you've made for the UK market.  What UK size equals the 10.5D in USA for the benchgrade and handgrade lines? ************* Dear Thankyou for your e-mail, a 10.5 D US is a UK size 10 E. We can dispatch shoes to you directly or send you our new Mail Order Catalogue, please forward your full postal address. If however you know the styles that you would like you may e-mail, fax or phone your order and credit card details to our Royal Exchange store.  Please be sure to include the credit card billing address and the last three digits form the number on the back of the card. This will help us to promptly forward your order to you. Any questions you have can be e-mailed, phoned 020 7929 2111 or faxed 020 7929 0110 to myself at Royal Exchange. Thankyou. MR HUQSTABLE MANAGER (Crockett & Jones, 25 Royal Exchange) *************** Edit: Obviously, nothing beats trying them on. I find the 10.5D Polo's by C&J to run fine in the toebox but slightly tighter across the quarters than an AE blucher in 10.5D (for example, the MacNeil)
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I'd go with 10E (a full size down for the handgrades), but that's just my opinion. I am a 10.5D US, ordered a pair of Audleys from Plal in size 10E, and they were WAY too big for me. They are on the same 337 last as the Weymouths, so draw your own conclusions. Caveat -- I like my shoes on the tighter side.
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I agree with montecristo#4. I am an 11 in American sizing and when in London last Fall tried on a pair of Weymouth's in 10.5 and they were too big. The 10's were good though. I ended up ordering the brown Weymouths from P. Lal and buying a pair of tan Aintree's from C&J.
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I think it is more variable. The numbers really don't overlap exactly. Instead of an US 11 equals a UK10 or UK10.5, for a lot of people it could be a mythical UK10.2 or UK10.3 or UK 10.6, or some other number in between. For example, I have a Burberry UK size 10 shoe (probably by one of the Northhampton firms). It's ever so slightly bigger than some of my US 10.5's by AE. But that US sized 10.5D C&J for Polo that the company said is a UK 10E does feel slightly tighter than my US 10.5D's. And of course, what you might think to be a size discrepancy due to length might actually be a discrepancy due to width or girth. Best answer is to try them on. If you can't, and you find returns to be pain, buy a blucher to start with as that will be easier to fit into.
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For what it is worth, I faxed C&J a traced outline of my feet. Based on the tracing, they recommended a UK 7.5. That sounded just too small to me, so I ordered a UK 8. It was very tight, and I had to stretch it several times. The fit is just fine now, but breaking them in was a painful process. Bic
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