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Brown suits?

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I'm thinking about picking up a brown suit and was wondering are they appropriate to wear in the summer? Or are they more of a fall thing or year round, not quite sure when i should wear one.
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Not my first choice, but there's nothing inherently wrong with it.
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I just thought about getting one A)because i think i found a good deal on one and B) because i already have navys and greys and i wanted something a little different for my wardrobe. Any reasons why you don't like or just your personal preference?
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I'm thinking about picking up a brown suit and was wondering are they appropriate to wear in the summer?  Or are they more of a fall thing or year round, not quite sure when i should wear one.
When you are in the country
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I like brown suits (wearing one now), but I tend to get them in heavier weights. I like light colors for summer. Light brown looks ... well, bad. Tan is great. I have some light-and-dark brown houndstooths and plaids that would be great for summer. But personally I not order a light colored brown. And I have a lot of summer suits on my mental list to order before I get around to ordering a light weight mid to dark brown. But that's just me.
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I was thinking about picking this suit up if the price stays low http://cgi.ebay.com/ws....MEWA:IT Any thoughts?
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Nailhead. The cloth looks good. Very much like what I have on now. I hope the sloppiness of the drape is caused by a lazy seller. But you have to be a real sloth to let a suit you're trying to sell look so slovenly on a tailor's dummy.
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I love (darker) brown suits. As long as they are well tailored and in a fabric that would look good if it was also grey, I'm all for it. I wear my brown suits often, and I work in the city in a conservative environment (CPA).
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I have a very similar suit [to the nailhead posted in the link] waiting to be sold, my first and only suit bought brand new at a store. It is actually a 39r, too. Strange. Anyway, I wore it to a June wedding on the East coast when I was 18, with an RLPL pink oxford shirt and a darker pink Faconnable tie, and looked extremely good, if I do say so myself. I got plenty of compliments on it. I shudder to think what shoes I was wearing, though - happily I can't remember. I'd say, it is best in cooler weather, fall through spring. Brighten it up in the spring with colorful shirts and ties.
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That is one sharp-looking get up.  Who's your tailor? I wear my dark-brown suit (solid) with a pink shirt, tie with earth-tones, and cordovan brogues. Good look.
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I don't think that cuffthis looks like farmer.
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I don't think that cuffthis looks like farmer.
ah, gee, thanks. I think (lol)
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Seriously, who made that suit?
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I have a question on this topic actually... I just recently got a great deal on a mid-tan 3-button suit, I was curious what kind of shirt colors/textures go well with it? I was just going to wear a white french oxford underneath it, but would like to try for something a little more inventive. Not really in the know about suits brown ranges, as this is my first one.
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Personally I just don't find the color appealing. Tans and camels can look nice, and for shows I like chili/whiskey/cognac/whatever you want to call it, but a dark brown anything will always look off to me. Not counting leather goods, my only pure brown (not counting camel or beige) piece is a pair of chocolate cords, which I don't wear too often. As of now I don't see myself buying anything with brown as a primary color (well, maybe a tie or pocket square, but not a suit or shirt or what not). That said, I see a lot of pictures here of neat outfits with an emphasis on brown (including the one here and the one in Carlo's thread, but I personally don't get them. I'll admit that it's just my hangup though, and I won't go off and call anyone who likes the look a "farmer."
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