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Look like Vans, IIRC. I used to see those in the skate magazines, back when I was a wannabe skater.
Checked, looked at the various models - I think you're right, probably deadstock models they don't make any more...
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Mihara fans, what's your opinion on MY9? Personnally I'm not a big fan of MY8 but 5 is a good choice.
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My favorite sneakers BY FAR. I saved up a lot of allowances back in 1980 to buy a pair of these (they were $35.). Converse Dr. J's
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I like them, too. Q's: How much; how's the fit; are they comfortable/supportive (I've got low arches)?
Hey AJL, I think you can try them on at Alan Bilzerian. Cheers.
Hey LAG- Yeah, I did a lookup and noticed Bilzerian carries them. I guess here's my chance to go in and check out their wares, eh? Thanks for the heads up.
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This particular NB is nice. Other than that, I would say the Nike zoom haven and the original nike Presto(very comfortable for walking around)
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Jack Purcells. In white canvas.
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I wear my trail running new balance 603s for almost everything that doesnt involve me being presentable. Tough, comfortable, fit well, and deceptively not ugly by New Balance standards. But my all time favorite - the old school Simple sneakers of the mid nineties. Whatever happened to Simple? edit - put in link
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I am on my third or fourth pair of New Balance 991's. I absolutly love them. I wear them every day because I am in a casual environment. But I may try these... What do you think?
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The checkerboard shoes look like Vans to me... check your local skateshop. As for smells, I've never had a problem with Nike's - now wear a pair of K-Swiss for a year without socks and the blue insoles they come with get really funky Bradford
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On a side note, a Japanese postdoc in my group (who wears Comme nearly exclusively) tells me that Y-3 stuff is more expensive in Japan than here because it is not manufactured in Japan. Strike anyone else as strange?
I was kid of pissed that they are made in China and not in Japan, for the price I paid. Jon.
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and my fave are from UK called White & Co. 1890 which have a thin crepe sole and are styled after a bowling shoe
Very cool shoes, although a little too low profile for anything but straightcut jeans, imo. As for the MY-9's - not bad, but not as homage styled as the MY-5's, IMO, and not as innovative as the MY-8s. Also, they struck me as much more generic than many of his other designs, like a fancy version of the all too ubiquitous Puma Speedcat. Still, I like them a lot more than say, the MY-10's, which are bizarre an a little off balance. MY third favorite after the MY-5 and MY-8 are probably the MY-5 - they are certainly the most versatile and wearable of the entire collection.
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(imageWIS @ Feb. 17 2005,17:09) Brian what do you think about my Y-3's? Jon.
I like them, too. Q's: How much; how's the fit; are they comfortable/supportive (I've got low arches)?
Regarding my Y-3's and their fit / price: They were $290, of which I paid exactly $290 since I got them at Bergdorf's and they were not on sale. Yes, that is a lot to pay for sneakers, but I really, really like the way they look and I have never seen anyone else with a pair, and I don't think I ever will. The sizing is odd. I normally wear a size 8 / 8.5 in Adidas, but these things are 9's and they fit like a glove, so go figure. The inside looks like this: very padded sides and footpad; where the heel rests there is a "˜Y' shape sticking out of the shoe that is raised slightly higher than the rest of the footpad. Honestly, it is not the most comfortable thing on earth; I had to counteract it with a thin footpad. But, after use, the "˜Y' seems to have recessed in and the shoes are really comfy now and I can go hours in them feeling nothing but ease. The footpad is perfectly flat, with no arch curvature to speak of. Alas, even though they were perhaps too much of a pain in the ass for the price paid, I love the way they look and now, they way they feel. Jon.
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My favorites right now are New Balance 991, adidas Superstar (the older style), Nike Air Force 1, Nike Dunk, and Nike Shox NZ.
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I wear mostly Ludwig Reiter sneakers, well made, full leather and not more expensive than the top products of Third-World-Producers like Nike, Adidas etc (100-170 €). Hm, there are not many good pictures availiable online, this is one of the better:
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Like a lot of you guys, I gravitate toward the classics in this department. My current collection includes: Chuck Taylor lowtops in dark blue Rod Lavers in the traditional mesh/green New Balance 996's in blue leather Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 in cream canvas with red stripes I also grew up in OC (Laguna Beach, to be exact). When I was in grade school, every dude I knew rocked the original lace-up and slip-on Vans. The big thing was ordering custom colors. I had red, white and blue lace ups.
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