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LA~ I've always said what a brilliant man you are.
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Well one of the first things we do with a new pattern is to gauge initial reaction and call in a re-order on the hits right away... lol.   Nice to see some Paisley interest since we have 4 new ones coming out in a week.  This one Red Paisley is getting redone in a silvery/black as well as a mixture of antique gold shades.  There will be two paisleys that have a satin diagonal stripe in the same color as the field - know it sounds weird but it came out stunning.  That one I'm holding my breath on until I see how the response is. Here's a better look at the ivory paisley in better lighting with a closeup of the fabric so you can see details.  By changing the length of the stitch you get that 'sheen' as it bends that you don't get with a print.  Next time someone says you are weird about your fabric fascination, tell'm you know a guy who turns silk 10 different ways in 10 different lighting situations to see how it does... that's WEIRD.
What would you guys pair that paisley with? White on white, dark colored suit? I'll be needing one too Chuck, please.
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Is that RLPL?
No. It's CKPL (Conrad Kabbaz Private Label) from his younger days. He's more mature now. Third grade will do that to you.
Not quite what I meant 'not appropriate for business'
Hey. Keep your snide comments to yourself. I'm trying to work a licensing deal with Chuck here.
I definately like Conrad's earlier work. It was so much more unselfconscious. Now he's just yet another sellout... I hear his dad made him do it.
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I think I might put that tie with a pink and blue striped T&A french cuff spread collar, an ill fitting black Zegna suit, and a  lovely young lady: Needless to say, Chuck, I dig the tie and Jill wins. Tom
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Was that to say, if I can arrange to get you the tie (today if you wish), the lovely young lady comes to pick it up for you? Done deal if that's what you meant.
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Alex, if her "coming to pick them up" gets me a discount on shirts, then I'm in.  (Unlike last time, she's not reading over my shoulder as i type this )   edited to preserve good spirits. Tom
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Any update on when they might be updated for sale on your site???
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Tomorrow night. We are out of town for the holiday weekend and someone, not saying who, left the images in Dallas. Hint: Was not Jill. Sincerely, Mudd
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I think something's wrong with my computer - everytime I go to I only see the "older" ties. I know the new ones are on there somewhere? I'm eager to choose.
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Sorry, working on it right now. Fitting the new ads into the old format so that they'll still work when the site is redone next week. Putting up a bunch of ads tonight and will post as soon as I flip the switch. Sincerely, Mudd
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