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DC Metro People--

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I am in the area here, but never venture up to Bethesda. I am heading there for dinner in a couple weeks, and needed to find a restaurant. Any recommendations? No chains, and not Jaleo. Thanks guys.
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Why not Jaleo?  A bit trendy, yes, but still great.  It's one of my favorite restaurants in the area. Raku would be a good choice if you like Asian fusion.
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There's a Mongolian barbecue place whose name eludes right now that I would recommend. Head north up Wisconsin/355 past the Bethesda Metro several blocks and it'll be on the left.
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I am sure Jaleo is fine, I have never been, but it is on my "to do" list. This meal I am going to is not the "tapas" kind of meal where the crowd would be fine sharing, etc. But I have heard very good things and plan on going soon. What about Grapeseed and Persimmon? Anyone been there?
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Just the two I was thinking of -- Grapeseed and Persimmon. They are both excellent. I've been to Grapeseed many, many times too, as I love the food, plus it has one of the best wine lists (including a huge by-the-glass wine selection) in the Bethesda/Chevy Chase area. I've always thought of Persimmon as more of a special occasion place, whereas Grapeseed is so versatile, it is great for special occasions or for a typical Saturday night. Both places are quite small, so reservations are recommended. Other places -- Centro (my wife and I still haven't gone there b/c it always seems to be packed, but it gets good reviews and often has a shiny, nice-to-look-at Ferrari or "Ruf" Porsche parked out in front. Thyme Square -- good organic food and beer. Nonexistent wine list. Austin Grill -- Sort of a chain, but a favorite place of mine. I could go on.... Your best bet is to go to washingtonian.com or washingtonpost.com and search for Bethesda restaurant reviews.
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It has been decided. Green Papaya it is. Anyone been? Anyone have recs on whats good there? btw-back to the Jaleo thing. I went to the one in crystal city and it was amazing. Cant wait to go back.
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Green Papaya is super. A slight bit more casual than Grapeseed, mostly because Green Papaya has a good-sized bar and outdoor seating. Whenever I go, I always order something called the "bird's nest." It's a seafood w/veggies stirfry in the most amazing edible dish/nest. There's an incredible eggroll-type appetizer that is see-through-thin wrapper around various shrimp, crab and sprouts, etc. Wine list is nothing special, but the food is great. Good choice.
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