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Prada boots on ebay

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Thread Starter I like this pair of boots but I am not sure if they are worth the money.  Is this seller trustworthy?  Could anyone give me some advice?  Thanks.
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I dont really like the boots myself, cause I think they look like rain boots, made from leather. And with a captoe? They look legit though. THe seller has a store and that's usually a good sign. I think John April knows a few things about Prada shoes so he might post a better idea on their legitimacy
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I agree that they appear to be legitimate, but the issue of wearability comes in to question. Don't answer me, but ask yourself whether these are going to be useful to you. If so, then write to the seller and offer a hundred bucks or something. $184.99 is sort of arbitrary and realistic-sounding, but I like the sound of $100 or less for Prada leftovers, and so should you.
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the price isn't far off from what the space outlets in europe were offering similar riding boots for, E150ish
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I like them because they look like another pair of boots I saw on Ann Demeulemeester's runway show one or two seasons ago (actually I suspect Ann Demeulemeester has high boots of this style for almost every season now, and you know how expensive those current-season stuff from Ann Demeulemeester could be, and how difficult to find them in any place outside NYC or LA in this country).  And two months ago when I was at the Atelier boutique of NYC, I also saw boots of same style from Rick Owens or Carol Christian Poell, or maybe another esoteric French fashion house.  They looked so nice but so wildly expensive.:-( I have a pair of tight pants from Jean Colonna which match these boots perfectly, so I am really a bit tempted to buy.  After all, thanks for your advice.
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