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Tan/beige suit

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My mother last year bought me a tan/beige suit at Saks 5th Av., and I don't wear it much, only to certain formal events. I would like to wear the jacket part of the suit this summer/fall, in a more casual setting. Any suggestions on what I can wear with the jacket with to achieve this look?? Thx.
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FS: Remember that it's not recommended to wear coat and slacks of a suit separately because it will cause uneven wear, particularly colorwise....(i.e. the sun may fade your jacket and not your pants). That said- similar, earth toned linen slacks....Or darker slacks for a little different look. Will you be wearing a tie? What sort of shoes?
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Tan/Beige suit aren't that formal anyway, so they can easily be dressed down. Wear any shirt with the top one or two buttons undone and without a tie. This should make a perfect outfit for nighttime dinners or more dressy events. I'm thinking a black shirt would go well with it, but am not sure if this would work. I'm sure a pastel check shirt would look great for the summer; maybe blue/white. Why don't you just wear the jacket with a pair of jeans and as I suggested an unbuttoned shirt. Also, don't forget the pocket square.
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