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Cleverley Disappointed

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I recently bought a pair of black rtw wholecuts and am experiencing wrinkling and little crack like lines not just in the toe box either. does this mean the shoes have crap leather ? they fit very well so they are not too big? What should i do i use the trees they sold me all the time. I bought them in january and have worn them 3 times and am seeing cracking and wrinkling
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My 6-year-old Ferragamos don't do that. I use shoe trees, but I don't know that this is what keeps them looking so nice.
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I don't think it's the shoemaker's fault, but I do believe that the tanners use the poorer hides for black. And yes, you should always use the trees and rotate your shoes.
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I've had similar experiences (not usually that quickly). First remedy is a resolution to moisturize shoes and otherwise follow instructions. American central heat is a bear. Second is to make future black shoes out of shell cordovan, on the theory that it is more durable, requires less polish, and is otherwise less vulnerable to scuffing. Haven't tried a controlled test yet, but I'm seriously thinking about it.
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Speaking of Cleverley's, someone got a good deal on these IMO.... Auction now over.
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