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Persol 714 vs 649

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Quick question to make a buying decision: Persol 714 are the same as 649 but with the "folding" feature or is there any major differences? I never see them in person, but from the images I've seen, they look pretty similar to me
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I have both. The 714's are slightly smaller than the smallest of the 649 sizes (at least they WERE smaller). Also, the frames are generally thinner. Same basic shape, design, look, etc.

I think the current 649's have been upgraded, but my 649's from about four years ago are not quite at the same level of quality as my 714's.
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TCN what are the largest Persols? I don't ask because I'm a guido I ask because I have a wide head and most sunglasses don't work other than the huge horrible looking gucci/versace/etc glasses.
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On the 649's? I forget, but as of 3 years ago, they offered three sizes (I want to say 52/54/56), and I can tell you that I have a large head (both physically and mentally), and the smallest size was large on me. The 714's only come in one size to my knowledge.
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I prefer the cleaner look of the 649, without all the additional hardware.
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If you want something similar but perhaps a bit more modern (or toned down) check out the new Persol 2869. I just got a pair for myself and absolutely love them. The 2869 also has the option of 50mm lenses for the smaller headed fellow. Here is a 649 for comparison.
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I like those, angelic. I've worn 649s for quite a while, but might have to give those a shot next.
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I like the 2869 but they are just a little too Malcolm X looking for me. The 649 does the Italian Wayfarer style perfectly IMO. Might have to find myself a set.
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+1 on the 2869. They fit my face much better.

The 714 (coolest glasses made) and 649 have a slightly nicer design but just don't work well on me.
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I prefer the 714 folding Persol out of the two models. Tortoise with brown lenses.
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I'm more confused that when I started (with the 2869 added to the mix), but thks for the great advice. It's seems that the 714 get more love.

Which would be the "standard" size (I think I have a "standard" head)? 52? 54?

Anyone could share fit pics of any of the models?
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I know this is an offense punishable by clitorecdomy around here, but with very few exceptions, I dont really like Persol's styles.
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Both are absolutely hedious.
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Originally Posted by dkzzzz View Post
Both are absolutely hedious.
What do you wear?
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Originally Posted by agavilanes View Post
What do you wear?

From what I have have gathered from reading his posts, his ass for a hat.

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