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I've always liked contrasting collar/cuff if worn with a good tie and subtle color/pattern. It can look stylish if done right. It can look good with a thinly striped gray (for a light gray effect), or a light blue or yellow, even pink, I generally prefer lighter colored stripe patterns for the shirt. I think the solids look tacky if the color is too bold, and I've rarely seen one where the tie matches well. I think the contrast between the collar and shirt is just too strong and overwhelms the jacket and tie, creating a kind of "screaming madness" effect - not sure how else to describe it. Kind of like that tie on page 1. Horrible. I mean, who would wear such a monstrosity? As for Heffner, has his style ever been relevant to people with jobs? I definitely would not wear a silk robe to work. I can see him with a bold red w/ contrasting collar, but he is all about leisure (playboy), so that doesn't mean it would work on me.
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(Tyto @ Feb. 16 2005,23:38) little too Gordon Gekko for my usual dealings.
Sir, that is an outrage.
No offense intended: I like his wardrobe, but as I said, it just doesn't fit in the business climate that I occupy. For going out, however (the theater, etc.), I'm all for it.
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No offense intended
None taken sir.
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I like them, but only with white collar as well as cuffs. Not just only the collar. I have a couple of those shirts. This is an Oger Napoli (shop in holland, believe thay are made bij Finamore but not sure) This is the Etro equivalent
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My avatar says its cool - though I personally would never wear one
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Despite having staggeringly dull tastes in clothing (Brooks Brothers 1956) I do have a vague recollection of wearing them when I was considerably thinner and darker haired. My requirements for them are however: 1. Both cuffs and collar must be white, not just the collar. 2. Tennis collar, i.e., non-spread plain collar. 3. Solid color body to the shirt. 4. Never wear French Blue shirts; these are for waiters in the better white tablecloth restaurants, but are unacceptable for a gentleman.
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