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Buying from bluefly.com... any good?

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I saw a link to Blufly.com in another post and was wondering what people thought about it.  What about any other similar sites? Jeff
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Jsinger... With all due respect...and I'm not sure how long you've been a member...but a suggestion - perform a search prior to posting a question.  Searching for "bluefly" and "online" might produce helpful results, as might "stores".  Many times you will find the information you are asking for (and even more than you'd need) in a topic posted before. Make sure you search the older posts too.  Just for future reference. At any rate, I hear Yoox.com mentioned often in the same breathe as bluefly.com.   NeimanMarcus also has an online store apparently. http://www.francos.com/men.htm is also another I have bookmarked. Aloharag.com is another one. http://www.raffaello-network.com goclothing.com (but the site appears to be down now). I prefer seeing things in person prior to splurging, so I stay away from online. Their sales are good but rarely have anything in my size when I check. (Everyone's a 32W and Medium in shirts it appears).  *sigh* Lots of people here like buying online, including ebay, just be cautious. I hope this helps. e
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I don't like Bluefly. Though I have never ordered, their prices are not that great. I think STP and Yoox sell better quality merchandise at better prices. Edit: didn't see that this thread was revived by a spammer.
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